“Tracks for Tix Special”

Get this Holiday Download Special FREE when you Buy Tix to Selected Shows!

Get this $65 special for FREE when you buy TIX to selected shows before midnight Dec. 25th!


For every pair of tix you buy for yourself – or friends … 


You get this 45+ Track Download-Special  to enjoy yourself – or send as a gift! 


PLUS … AT THE SHOW you ALSO get an autographed copy of my NEW “Essential DHC” 2-CD-Set!


Read on … 

Downloads NOW … CDs at the show!

For each pair of tix you get the “Essential DHC” 2-CD Set in two different ways – Digitally NOW and the SIGNED  2-CD Set at the show.  PLUS – you get my holiday  download collection “The Gift.”  All together that’s a $65 value: the downloads now and the physical CDs at the show, where I’ll be signing them with my gold pen!

Buy tix for either show to get this Special ARTIST Bonus before Dec. 25th:

You can GIVE any part of it as a gift!

And guess what? This is my gift to you – but YOU can GIVE every part of it as a gift, too: the Tix, the Downloads,  the CD-Set .  You can give them to anyone you want.  In fact, you can buy a pair of tix for one set of friends, then send the downloads as a gift to another friend and keep the signed CDs I’ll give you at the show for yourself.


Buy as many tix as you want –  you get this gift for every pair of tix you buy.  

Here's How it Works

1. Get Your Tix!

2. Fill Out this form before midnight Dec. 25th to get your secret code

3. Redeem your downloads!  Enjoy them thoroughly!  Then come to the show!

We’ll create your downloads once we receive the form.  Each code is created by hand.  By reindeer. OK, not really.  The elves do it.  We’ll email it along with a link to the Holiday Special Download Page so you can send the downloads to anyone you want – including yourself.  (but wait – don’t send the downloads now – unless you want to pay $35, Wait ’til you get the code to get them for FREE)   You get one download code for every pair of tix you buy – so go buy lots of tickets!

Got Questions?

Q: Why am I giving away this incredibly cool bonus?

Feb. 3 is the album release party for my new “Essential DHC 2-CD Compilation Set.” This is a compilation of my favorite tracks of the past 20 years PLUS new unreleased tracks. That’s more than 30 tracks – Each CDs in the set has 16 tracks, one is all vocals and the other all instrument tracks.  You ALSO get my holiday CD (it’s my best friend’s favorite album of mine, by the way).

I want you to have these compilation downloads NOW because I don’t want to wait until February to start sharing the pre-release cuts with you online. And I want you to have “The Gift” because I want to infuse your holiday with these unique, whimsical versions of carols from around the world.

And I want to give you a truly special BONUS for buying tix because I want you to be there LIVE with me at the show!!  

Q: Can’t make the show?

Buy a pair of tix for friends – YOU still get the download special RIGHT NOW! Plus you get to send a wonderful gift of experience to your Boston-Area friends when you give them tickets to the show.

Q: Want to bring friends to the show?

No problem.  Buy as many pairs of tix as you want. You get this special for EVERY PAIR OF TIX – and you can share them however you want.  You can even buy the tix for one set of friends and send the download to someone else because once you get the secret code, you’ll be directed to the Holiday Special form.  You’ll use your secret code to order the digital downloads, and you’ll have the option to send the download to yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

Want more Holiday Download specials to send to friends?

You can buy additional download packages and send them to your friends.  They’re $35 each … OR you can buy more tickets and get more download codes.  You get one download package for every pair of tix you buy.  So buy lots and fill the theater with your friends!

Got more Questions?

Use my “Ask a Question” form to get a question direct to me and my team.