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© Jake Jacobson
Instrument: “DHC” Electric Harp (CAMAC Harps)

(FOR OFFICE USE: Photo Jacobson-1481)

© Jake Jacobson
Instrument: “DHC-Light” (CAMAC Harps)
2148 x 2112 (4.1 MB)
900 x 885 (371 K)
600 x 590 (175K)
300 x 295 (50K)

(FOR OFFICE USE: Photo Jacobson-1445)

PHOTO CREDIT: J. Brian Buckley
Instrument: “DHC” Electric Harp (CAMAC Harps)

*Note – this hi-res version sometimes looks muted when viewed on the screen, but that seems to be just a web-browser display issue – the photo should be exactly the same edit as the smaller versions (only larger)

(FOR OFFICE USE: Photo Buckley-ArmOut)


PHOTO CREDIT: J. Brian Buckley
Instrument: “DHC Blue-Light” (CAMAC Harps)

3000 x 2000 JPG (3.1 MB)
1500 x 1185 JPG (843 K)
750 x 593 JPG (330 K)
650 x 529 (54 KB) (as at left)


(FOR OFFICE USE: Photo Buckley-Lunge)

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg VanAntwerp
Instrument: “DHC Blue-Light” (CAMAC)

Cut-out (at left)

2996 x 2929 (1.3 MB)
600 x 582 (155 KB)
300 x 291 (102 KB)
150 x 146 (tn) (83 KB)


(FOR OFFICE USE: Photo VanAntwerp)


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