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Deborah Henson-Conant is a pioneer in the harp world: the only woman instrumentalist on the GRP Jazz Record Label, band-leader and international touring artistGrammy-Nominated recording artist, a symphonic composer and soloist,  creator of one-woman shows, and the inventor of the DHC electric harp in collaboration with CAMAC harps.

Now you can work with her to develop your unique artistry. Group programs include Hip Harp Academy and Harness Your Muse Mentorship program.  One-on-One training includes coaching sessions, VIP Intensives and the exclusive Transformational Residency  – all with one purpose: to  liberate you from preconceptions of what you can do with a harp – and catapult you to the heights of authentic self-expression.  

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Breakthrough coaching with

the world’s premiere harpist-mentor
for improv, performance & self-expression:
Deborah Henson-Conant

5 Levels of Access to Expand, Liberate and Empower Your Artistic Journey.


1. HIP HARP ACADEMY: Create Foundation

From individual classes to year-long membership,  learn the fundamentals of improv, arrangement, Blues, Jazz, Improv, & Accompaniment from your own home. 

 Your foundation of skills and tools for improv and creative expression will support every creative impulse you have. Develop those skills & tools in the full curriculum at HipHarp Academy: 24/7 access to all trainings plus personalized feedback on class project and weekly live-online chats. Individual classes are also available from the Academy.

Individual classes starting at $139 to full yearlong Academy Membership $1,997

Hip Harp Online Academy at

2. HARNESS YOUR MUSE Mentorship: Power Your Next Big Leap

An exclusive group mentorship program gives you individual access to DHC and her high-level programs to develop your personal creative project.

Work Online AND Live in “Harness Your Muse,” DHC’s Group Mentorship program: You have a dream that’s aching inside your soul, a career move you’re struggling to take, a dream-project you can’t bear to put off any long: this immersive group mentorship program combined with individual coaching a yearly live retreat gives support and guidance to your next big leap.

Programs from $6975 – $12,500
Learn More & Apply at

ONE-ON-ONE:  Breakthroughs to New Heights

Break through with with laser-focused One-on-One coaching sessions & VIP Days that catapult you to new creative heights.  For a quick breakthrough to any area you’re creatively stuck, or want to expand, apply for coaching and start the breakthrough process now.

One-on-One Sessions from $525 – $4500 (Live in-studio or online)
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FOR COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION in skills, mindset, career path and authentic self-expression, apply for the Transformational Residency program and live on-site at DHC’s Studio hub for an immersive training opportunity combining focused one-on-one training, immersion experience and access to DHC’s studio & equipment.

Residency Opportunities from $6,995 – $26,700
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1. In-Studio Residencies

2. VIP Days

3. Studio Coaching

The most powerful thing that happens in any one-on-one coaching session is what becomes unleashed, liberated and empowered in you.

Most creatives try to solve their problems with more tools and skills, when what you really need is to simply unlock the profoundly unique expression of you

What we unlock together will enrich the lives of every single person you touch with your art.


Learn more below

1. In-Studio Transformational Residencies:  Live inside the Creative Hub

This program is for harpists looking for a major transformation in their playing, career and a deeper connection to their instrument. You may be transitioning to a new instrument, like the CAMAC “DHC,” to a new style – like jazz, or a new career path.

This is an opportunity to literally live inside the DHC Creative Hub: You live in the same building as the DHC performance studio, with access to the harps, tech & video equipment. You’ll have a personalized training plan, assessments and creative direction

The In-Studio Transformational Residencies are the most intensive and effective way to get direct hands-on coaching to quickly transform your skills and make major breakthroughs towards creative or career goals. 

There are currently 4 options:

  • 1-Month Residency
  • 3-Month Residency
  • 6-Month Residency
  • 7-Day Intensive (subject to DHC’s availability)
    See the pricing and information below.

One of the most profound values of residency is the POWER OF A LIVED EXPERIENCE: the opportunity to live inside the creative hub and fully experience how a successful working-artist manages their life, and how they transform their home into a live-work space for high-level creative output. The opportunity to use their equipment, instruments and space informs your own choices. The opportunity to be part of their video project, performances and podcasts expands your own career-experience.

These are the advantages only available when you live on-site – in addition to the coaching and training to develop your own skills and career.

Here’s how residencies work:

YOU LIVE INSIDE of the DHC Creative Hub: 

You are in the epicenter of DHC’s live/work space, next to an urban park area with a freshwater pond, walking paths and the historic Minuteman bike trail. You’re a short bus-ride to Harvard Square and the Red Line Subway that connects you to everything in Boston. You have a private room where you can practice 24/7, and access to the studio’s kitchen and bathroom so you are ON RETREAT during your residences. You have an access schedule for the studio, the harps, the tech and video equipment and you have access to one of DHC’s personal  “DHC” harps during the residency, if you don’t have your own.

 • YOU WORK with a PLAN:

Each residency begins with a half-day intensive to jump-start your work and develop your study plan. Residencies of 1 month or longer also include a 2nd half-day intensive.


When you’re in an intensive growth period as an artist, waiting for weekly lessons means constantly working around problems until your coach helps you solve them. In a residency you don’t have to wait.  

We optimize your 1-on-1 coaching time to empower your practice and rehearsal time. That means we may meet 10 or 12 times a week, in sessions of varying lengths, depending on my schedule and how often you get stuck, or are ready for ‘next steps’. We keep track to make sure you get a total of at least 3 focused hours of personalized coaching each week between pre-scheduled sessions and shorter spotlight sessions.  


When you don’t have time for a longer residency, and you want to work with laser focus, you can request a “7-Day VIP Residency Intensive”, if DHC’s Schedule permits.  In this highly intensive residency,you  get the same amount of One-on-One training as in a standard 1-Month residency, but it’s focused into a single week. If you need additional coaching, you get it at a discounted rate.

Each day you have a total of 3 hours of one-on-one training alternated with studio and equipment access so you can practice and integrate everything you learned. You’ll have access to a “DHC” harp,  DHC’s equipment pool, the option to record the training sessions, and on-site AirBnB-type lodging. 

You can hold the dates with a $2500 non-refundable deposit, then transfer the balance 3 weeks before your arrival. If you need to arrive a day early to acclimatize, or leave a day later, it’s usually not a problem.  As long as there’s availability, you can be on site for up to 2 days before and/or after the residency.

($3,500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of acceptance into this mentorship program to hold your place)

The studio hub is adjacent to an urban park area and a national bike trail.

Some of the ways students have used the residency program:  

  • Immersive jazz harp studies
  • Develop mastery of the DHC harp and sound equipment
  • Prepare the music for a new album
  • Create and rehearse a new show and the promotional materials to market it
  • Prepare “Baroque Flamenco Concerto

2. VIP DAYS: Break Through to New Heights

Break through with with a laser-focused day that catapults you to new creative heights.

Break through with a full day of laser-focused One-on-One coaching to catapult you to new creative heights.  

 Who are VIP Days for?

You want to break through creative barriers. You need an expert eye that truly sees your unique possibilities and can show you how to realize them, a guide to give you the skills, the tools and the practices to make the leap.

You walk away with a plan, the skills to fulfill it and an outline of the practices to support it. You get a video file of the entire session so you can review it. You walk away with powerful vision of who you can be, without limit.

For those who want ongoing hands-on support to implement that plan, you’ll have the option to apply in person for “Harness Your Muse” or the “Transformational Residence” program at the end of the day.

You are the Focus of the Day

In a VIP day we’re together for 8 hours – just you and me – in my studio. We will shape your vision, empower your techniques and build the bones of a creative project that is totally unique to YOU. It will be complete, scripted and ready to rehearse. It will not be perfect.  It will never be perfect.  It will be powerful, beautiful, authentic and expressive. And it will express you.

Your VIP Day includes:

  • A 50-minute virtual Clarity Session a week before we meet  
  • A full 8-Hour Day of Coaching & Training  
    • For Project-Development sessions, work on repertoire, skills, tech and rehearsal process.  By day’s end you have a performable presentation, a rehearsal plan, and a video ‘teaser’ of the project to share with others – as well as an outline of your next-steps.
    • For Skills-Development sessions, you’ll walk away with a personalize training plan and a video outline of your skill-set training
    • For Equipment-Familiarization Sessions, you’ll have guided experimentation with all the equipment in my studio
  • A delicious, healthy working lunch together where we’ll continue discussion of your creative goals
  • 2-Nights Lodging  in the private student-room adjacent to the studio
  • Video files of all sessions  
  • A 50-minute virtual Solidification Session a week after we meet  
  • My complete focus on you and your project throughout this VIP day.

The Break-Through process starts when you register and continues for the rest of your life.

Price: $7500 ($5,000 for Academy Members)  

3. Break-Through Studio Coaching Sessions (One-on-One)

90 minutes of laser-focus in my my studio – or a private virtual studio. 

Bring all the questions you have, or choose to work on a single performance piece – for a quick breakthrough to any area you’re creatively stuck, or want to expand.

  • If you come live to the studio: Bring a video camera to record the session
  • For Virtual Sessions: You can record the sessions on line.

Coaching Fee: $525 / ($395 for Academy Members – Members ask DHC for your discount code). Pay for sessions with this order form. Once the session is paid for you’ll set up the coaching time (or feel free to reach out using the “Ask a Question” form in advance if you have questions)

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