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  • When you click a Buy button for sheet music, a small sales-box will open. Scroll down to click “I want this” to purchase the item & get a download link. Want to buy more than one download at time? Click here, choose the titles you want, and buy them all at once!”

    [Harp-Lever-Pedal-Voice] The Nightingale

    The Nightingale (for harp solo or harp & voice / lever or pedal harps). This is Deborah’s top-selling sheet music. It includes five versions of “The Nightingale,” from Beginner to Advanced, for harps in Eb or C, some versions for harp instrumental and some for voice & harp. Deborah says: “I wrote this piece in the memory of my mother’s voice. It’s my most-requested tune, and often performed and recorded by other harpists from Korea to Germany!” [$12.50]


    Buy and download “Nightingale”


    [Harp-Lever-Pedal] Baroque Flamenco

    Baroque Flamenco Solo (for pedal & lever harps) includes Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced/Concert versions (Advanced version for pedal harp only). Deborah says: “This booklet includes three versions of this piece — from intermediate-beginner to professional. The professional arrangement is suitable for concert performance and includes the fiery flamenco cadenza written out the way I play it myself. The other versions are both playable on Eb lever harp — and one of the versions is simple enough for intermediate beginners. I’m proud I was able to create arrangements for every level of player so that now everyone can enjoy playing this piece as much as I have!” [$17.50]


    Buy and download “Baroque Flamenco”


    [Harp-Lever-Pedal] Danny Boy

    Danny Boy (for lever or pedal harp) ~ NEW VERSION IN 2019 – for LEVER and PEDAL harp. This is DHC’s arrangement of the traditional classic. Deborah says: “I always loved this tune and the story behind it, and enjoyed re-harmonizing the simple melody. This arrangement for lever & pedal harps is a great”alternative version” that tends a little more toward the harmonies of a jazz ballad.” [$5.95]


    Buy and download “Danny Boy”


    [Harp-Lever-Pedal] Nataliana

    Nataliana (for pedal & lever harps) is a Malagueña-like romantic concert piece for intermediate to advanced players. Deborah says: “This was the first piece I ever wrote for harp. I was so taken with the a handbuilt lever harp my friend Natalie had, that I wanted to write a professional-level concert piece I could play on it. This piece has no lever or pedal changes, but it’s very challenging and very romantic and passionate! I also love playing on pedal harp, because you can play it in Ab-minor – which is the richest, most resonant key for pedal harp.” [$9.50]


    Buy and download “Nataliana”


    [Harp-Lever-Pedal] New Blues

    New Blues (for pedal & lever harps) is a bluesy theme and variation for intermediate to advanced players. Deborah says: “This was the first Blues-ish piece I wrote for harp, and it’s more of a Be-bop Blues – very upbeat. It’s fun to play and a big crowd-pleaser.” [$9.50]


    Buy and download “New Blues”


    [Harp-Pedal] Für Elise – The One Classical Piece my Mom could Play

    My mother could play ONE classical piece on piano – Beethoven’s “Für Elise.”  I didn’t know it at the time, but when I hear that piece today I realize how much influence it had on me as a composer, just in terms of the way it’s structured, the particular things he did – especially the dramatic ‘pedal tone’ with the changing chords over it.

    These are things I can see and hear in my own writing today and I realize I heard this piece as a child, not only as great music, lasting melody, the play of harmony and lyricism — but as an early lesson in how music gets put together.

    I always wanted to play it on harp …. but there was that tricky chromatic section … not only is it completely non-harpistic – but it’s the one part that bothered me in the original – almost like he meant to write something different but didn’t get around to it.

    So – forgive me Ludwig and all you musical purists ... but I simply changed that section – and that made it fun and easy to play instead of a technical struggle.

    Once I figured it out, I committed to making an arrangement that would be accessible to pedal harp players at an intermediate level – and voilá, now YOU can play it too! (if you play pedal harp) And I hope you will!

    If you like the way I played it here, great.  If you don’t – YAY – because I’d love to hear the way you play my arrangement!  The download link is below, and once you learn it, please share it on YouTube and then share the link to YOUR YouTube video of it in the comments below!



    [Piano-Vocal] Congratulations, You Made it This Far

    Sheet music for Deborah Henson-Conant’s Birthday Song “Congratulations, You Made it this Far” for voice and piano [$7.50].


    Buy and download “Congratulations”


    [Reference] Gurl’s Guide to Amplification

    Gurl’s Guide to Amplification – A Fun How-To Guide to Amplification for Beginners With a Special Focus on Amplifying Harps. (Download Version) 2nd Edition! The Gurls Guide to Amplification for the “Gurl” in Everyone. Ever get tangled up in wires trying to set up a simple sound system? Ever wondered how it all works? Or how come it doesn’t? The “Gurl’s Guide” explains it in plain English, with lots of Deborah’s drawings to show you how it all fits together. Special instructions for harp players, but useful to EVERYONE! Read More, See Sample Pages, Download the Book! Not eligible for discount sales (i.e. This item is not part of any online sales unless specifically named in the sale). [$24.50]


    Buy and download “Gurl’s Guide to Amplification”


    [Soloist & Piano Reduction Package] Baroque Flamenco CONCERTO SOLOIST

    IF YOU’LL BE PERFORMING THIS PIECE WITH ORCHESTRA – this is the version of the harp soloist’s you’ll play. If you want to perform the piece as a duet with piano – this is also the package you want. (To rent the conductor’s score & orchestra parts contact

    This Digital Package includes 7 files for “Baroque Flamenco” Concerto Soloists:
    1. Baroque Flamenco CONCERTO Soloist’s Part
    2. PIANO REDUCTION of the Orchestral score (suitable for performance as a duet with Concerto soloist’s part as well as for rehearsals and auditions)
    3. Notation Appendix (explaining notation & cadenza techniques)
    4. Manuscript Coordination guide (to help you coordinate the CONCERTO soloist’s part with the standard Solo Concert version of the piece that many harpists learn first)
    5 & 6. Audio ‘mock-up’ files. These two files are audio “mock-ups” of the orchestra – to help soloists prepare for performance. File #1 starts at the beginning of the piece, through to the beginning of the cadenza.  File #2 starts at the end of the cadenza, through the end of the piece.
    7. Audio Mock-up Info sheet explains how the audio mock-ups work


    Buy and download “Baroque Flamenco CONCERTO SOLOIST & Piano Reduction Package”


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CDs & DVDs

  • To purchase my CDs & DVDs, the best way is to come to a live show.  If there isn’t one in your area, you can check out my “CD Baby” Store where you can hear a little bit of all the tunes and buy CDs & DVDs from pretty much everywhere in the world.

    Link to my CD Baby store here:

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You can buy a variety of items imprinted with the Pluck University crest in my “Cafepress” store.

I personally find the mugs & totebags underwhelming, but the T-Shirts, Black Hoodies & long-sleeved black shirts are great!

Go to the HipHarp Store on Cafepress for these and many more!

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Black Pluck-U Hoodie

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