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#1. BRAND NEW!  Lead Sheet BOOTCAMP –  ($40 OFF)

For pedal or lever harp – advanced-beginner to professional.


Lead Sheet Bootcamp – the 2020 Somerset Harp Festival Add-On workshop with Deborah Henson-Conant – is now available for Self-Paced Learning!

Turning a lead sheet into a full arrangement has two parts to it: ENRICHING the melody and then EXPANDING it. That’s what you’ll learn to do at Lead Sheet Boot Camp.

Since it’s self paced it means you can do it as a one-day intensive, or space it out over time – it’s YOUR choice!


#2. HANDS-ON HARMONY FOR HARPS – 60% OFF (Save $179)

For pedal or lever harp – advanced-beginner to professional.


What if you could learn all the basics of harmony & theory – right on your harp – in one focused day – or stretch it out for 6 months? Hands-on-Harmony teaches you functional theory and harmony specifically for harp -at YOUR own pace.

For lever harp or pedal harp, advanced-beginner to professional. Includes exercises to put what you learn right into play so you learn it in your brain AND your fingers! Registration includes 6 months access to all trainings, downloadable audio & PDF files for your online library.   

$297 $118 (60% off during SPRING 2020) 

>> Learn More about “Hands on Harmony” <<

#3. SING & PLAY HARP – 35% OFF (Save $50)

For pedal or lever harp – advanced-beginner to professional.

“Sing & Play the Harp: 3-Chord Magic”  teaches you to sing and play harp the way people learn to sing & play guitar: with chords & picking patterns you use over and over in different ways.

Learn in an afternoon or stretch it out for 3 months. NEW advanced trainings: once you learn the basics, watch the take-it-further trainings to expand your harmony and accompaniment skills. Registration includes 3 months access to all trainings, downloadable audio & PDF files for your online library. 

$139 $89 (35% off during SPRING 2020)

>> Learn More about “Sing & Play Harp” 3-Chord Magic” <<


Deborah Henson-Conant is a legend in the harp world as an innovator in jazz harp, improv and performance. Her compositions are played throughout the world. Her performances have rocked concert-halls and festival internationally. 

Now YOU can can develop YOUR unique creative skills direct with this master performer and teacher.  When you register for individual classes to learn at your own pace.  Register for the full year-long “Hip Harp Academy” membership to get all the Academy classes in a year-long curriculum that gives you basic improv skills in styles from jazz and blues to meditative improv for bedside playing.

Your Instructor: Deborah Henson-Conant
Master Harp Improvisor in stylesfrom Jazz to Meditation Music.

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