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Free Learning Resources for Harpists Free MP3s for Listeners

FREE Learning Resources for HARPISTS

Finally!  You can get all these FREE learning resources from my HipHarp Toolkit vault:

  • Left Hand Pattern Playsheet – to help you create LH accompaniments for melodies, singers and your own arrangements
  • Cheat-Sheet “81Best Jazz Tunes for Harp” – so you can choose the tunes that work best for your instrument
  • “Basics of Amplification” Workshop Handout – to get you started on the basics of amplifying your harp
  • Your Playsheet for Psyching out Jazz Chords – to help you build and decipher extended and altered chords
  • Blues Harp ‘Riff of the Day'” 7-Day Training – to help you learn some of the most fun Blues Riffs and put them together in a short tune
  • “HaRpy Birthday” Video Training on how to create a fantabulous impromptu “Happy Birthday”arrangement – so YOU can build your improv chops at the same time as you’re blowing people away with your fun and impressive “Happy Birthday” rendition

And these special BONUSES:

  • All freebies are housed in the Free Level of my Hip Harp Academy membership site.
  • That means all future harp-learning freebies will be added to the same spot.  No more searching for the tools you need!
  • A free subscription to my weekly-ish ezine with stories, adventures, sneak peeks and special offers
  • Plus free access to all my new webinar replays before they get moved into the paid level of Hip Harp Academy

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People tell me these are some of my most Feel-Good tunes – so I want to share them with you so YOU’LL feel good!  To feel even better, when you download these you also get a subscription to my weekly-ish ezine with links to my blogs, tour dates and stories behind the music I make.

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