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If you’re a harpist, we can work together in 4 different ways, through:

  1. “Hip Harp Academy” – year-long basic training –  which includes classes in improv, arrangement and performance skills. After coaching harpists in improv, jazz and performance sills for many years, I developed a series of online classes to teach the basics of each skills.  In 2017 I combined all these trainings under one virtual roof:  the year-long Hip Harp Academy, which houses over 10 different classes.  Academy trainings are pre-recorded, available 24/7 and include live-virtual Q&A sessions to answer students questions. Since then, thousands of students from more than 30 countries have gone through these online training programs.
  2. “Harness Your Muse” Mentorship program – to develop an area of study – like jazz or Blues – or to develop a personal creative project, like an album, a show or an educational program. If there’s a specific area of music you want to develop, or a specific projet you need support to develop, “Harness Your Muse” is the best way to work with me over a 6-month period
  3. Private coaching – to work on whatever you want to work on. This is best for getting quick, in-depth one-on-one coaching.
  4. VIP Sessions – these sessions are just you and me in my studio for a full day (7 hours) or half-day (4 hours).  They include a virtual preparation session, where we meet in my online meeting room to hone your vision, and an additional follow-up session to answer questions after the VIP day.
  5. NOTE: All my programs – including the basic training in “Hip Harp Academy” assumes a basic ability on the harp. If you’re just beginning the harp, or need to hone your basic technical skills, take a look at our sister-program, Start Harp 

Hip Harp Academy

Hip Harp Academy is most affordable way for harp players to get creative support from me throughout the year. This yearlong curriculum includes all the classes I used to teach individually so students have a chance to develop a set of creative skills and work with me on an ongoing basis.

Hip Harp Academy “Full” level membership gives you access to 10 online courses that provide fundamentals of arrangement, improv and performance for harp (pedal or lever).  The class material is pre-recorded with 24/7 access, but I also personally guide Academy members through each class once a year — and during these guided sessions we have weekly or bi-weekly live Q&A chats so students can ask questions, and request examples or additional exercises.

You can see the yearly schedule classes, current pricing and more information at

Harness Your Muse
Mentored Mastermind Program

This yearlong mentorship is only for those willing to make a deep and firm commitment to their own creative voice and ready to shift their life, their work and their creative expression to a new level of depth and expansion.

We’ll work together within a powerful, small-group mastermind where you’ll get my support and guidance to develop your specific creative project or practice.

Successful “Harness Your Muse” projects have included developing original shows, creating an online school, developing and releasing a new recording, developing jazz-harp skills, publishing a book of original compositions.

How do you know if mentorship is what you need?

  • Do you have a creative project aching in your soul that you’re struggling to complete and share?
  • Do you have a burning idea, but you’re missing specific skills that will help you express it?
  • Is your own untapped talent yearning for someone who can see it, value it and guide it?
  • Do you know you have a unique creative voice, but you don’t know how to express exactly it IS and how to share it?
  • Are you impassioned about your work but you can’t seem to direct or complete it alone?

There are many reasons people seek the specialized support of a highly skilled, experienced mentor in their particular creative niche.

The artists who work with me rely on my skills and experience in bringing creative projects to fruition – from solo concerts and one-woman shows, albums, concertos and mult-media projects. 

Harpists who want to develop as jazz players – whether on lever or pedal harp – rely on my years of experience leading my own band and recording for a jazz label. 

Artists who want to combine playing with singing, movement or theater rely on my my lifelong experience combining these elements in concerts, theatrical shows and video.

Every member of my mentorship program relies on my passion for highlighting each artist’s unique skills, talents and experience so that each can develop a unique creative voice unlike any other – and then share it with the world.

For those who want a deep dive with maximum 1-on-1 input from me, I have a limited number of in-person VIP coaching sessions each month at my studio in the Boston area.

VIP sessions are for those who are passionate about getting to the core of a creative goal, and open to profound transformation.

This is the only 1-on-1 coaching I offer outside of my “Harness Your Muse” program.

In these high-intensity 4-hour sessions together, you’ll spend a little over 3 hours in intensive performance or creative coaching plus a 30-45 working-lunch, away from the instrument, during which we’ll focus on the wider implications of your creative goal.  You can bring your instrument or use one of mine.  

My entire focus will be on your performance-, skills- or creative-development goals and you’ll get help outlining those goals before the session with my pre-session questionaire if needed.

You’ll get the most out of these sessions when you come open to direction and coaching, and ready to ask for what you need

These sessions are perfect for resolving creatve or performance blocks, outlining an entire show or original performance piece, or to finesse your performance of one of my compositions, 

The VIP session is $1850.

(50% discount for current Harness Your Muse mentorship members.  75% discount for Alumni of the Harness Your Muse program.) 

You can attend these sessions with 1 or more partners or colleagues – and you can videotape the sessions for study purposes.

VIP 1-on-1 Transformation Sessions 

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