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Boston, MA?

BUY SHOW TICKETS and get my new
Double-Album download FREE

Are you or your friends in:

Richmond, VA?

Tacoma, WA?


Buy tix for any of these shows – and get a FREE Download of my new Double-Album!

Sat. Feb. 3 – Boston-Area

Fri. Mar. 2 – Richmond, VA

Sun. Apr. 22 – Tacoma, WA

Give the Tickets OR the Downloads as Gifts! (or keep for yourself)

Buy as many tix as you want –  you get this gift for EVERY pair of tix you buy.  

Get my NEW “Essential DHC Collection” FREE when you buy 2 tickets to any upcoming album release concert.


You get a free download of my 32-Track “Essential DHC Collection” FREE (a $25 value!)  


Enjoy this gorgeous music yourself or send it as a thoughtful gift to a music-lover in your life!

Here’s How it Works:

1. Get Your Tix!

  • Already bought them?  Great!  Go directly to #2!
  • Haven’t Bought Tix Yet? Buy now for either show:

2. Fill Out this form by midnight on the showdate

3. Redeem your downloads!  Enjoy them thoroughly!  Then come to the show!

We usually get the codes out within an hour or so (yup! we do it by hand!)  And remember: you get one download code for every pair of tix you buy – so go buy lots of tickets!

Got Questions?

Q: Can’t make the show?

A: Buy a pair of tix for friends – YOU still get the FREE Double-Album Download!  Plus you get to gift a wonderful experience to your Boston-Area or Richmond-Area  friends.

Q: Want to bring friends to the show?

A: No problem.  Buy as many pairs of tickets as you want. Remember: you get this special for EACH PAIR OF TIX you buy.  You can even buy the tix for one set of friends and send the download to someone else – because once you get the download code, you have the option to download them yourself or send as a gift to someone else.

Q: Why such an incredibly cool bonus?

Thess concerts are album-release celebrations for my new “Essential DHC Double-Album Collection.” This is a compilation of my favorite tracks of the past 20 years PLUS new unreleased tracks. That’s 32 tracks!  One album is all Vocals and the other is all Instrumentals.

I want you to have this collection NOW  so you don’t have to wait for the show to start enjoying this gorgeous music!  And I want to start celebrating this release with you now — and give you a big hug at the show! (Or your friends get the hug – and they can give it to you the next time they see you.)

Got more Questions?

Use my “Ask a Question” form to get a question direct to me and my team.

Downloads NOW … CDs at the show!

For each pair of tix you get the “Essential DHC” 2-CD Set in two different ways – Digitally NOW and the SIGNED  2-CD Set at the show.  PLUS – you get my holiday  download collection “The Gift.”  All together that’s a $65 value: the downloads now and the physical CDs at the show, where I’ll be signing them with my gold pen!

Buy tix for either show to get this Special ARTIST Bonus 

You can GIVE any part of it as a gift!

And guess what? This is my gift to you – but YOU can GIVE every part of it as a gift, too: the Tix, the Downloads,  the CD-Set .  You can give them to anyone you want.  In fact, you can buy a pair of tix for one set of friends, then send the downloads as a gift to another friend and keep the signed CDs I’ll give you at the show for yourself.

Buy as many tix as you want –  you get this gift for every pair of tix you buy.  

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