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What are YOUR Strings of Passion”

In this FREE WARM-UP WEBINAR REPLAY  you’ll learn the 7 Strings of Passion and how they can enrich your life and your creative expression.


What if you discovered there was an instrument inside you that resonates to your spirit the same way your instrument resonates outside you?

What if this inner instrument had strings like a harp and they resonated in your inner world – plucked by your creative expression in the outer world?

What if these two sets of strings resonated each other, so that, when you plucked the strings of one, the other resonated as well?

Those are YOUR Strings of Passion and learning to develop that resonance between the inner and outer strings is the single most valuable thing you can to improve the beauty, authenticity and power of your playing regardless of your skill level.

Those are YOUR Strings of Passion

In this FREE Creative WEBINAR you’ll learn how you can use the 7 Strings of Passion to turn every moment into an opportunity for Creative Expression 

In this introduction to my 10-Week “Strings of Passion” program that starts in January, you’ll learn the 7 strings of passion that inform all my creative work: Impulse, Structure, Character, Roles, Practice, Deconstruction and Lift-off.

You’ll learn about the incredible power of ‘followship’ and how following your own passion can turn to leadership.

You’ll learn about the difference between practicing to get something ‘right’ – and developing a daily creative practice that enriches your own inner resonance.

You’ll learn how creative ideas can crystalize around a simple internal structure – even if that structure is just an idea.

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