Deborah Henson-Conant’s

Inside the Creativity Gym”

Enjoy this FREE INSTANT CREATIVE TRAINING where you’ll start the new year with a peek into the “Strings of Passion” Creativity Gym.

I’ll take you inside the Creativity Gym at “Strings of Passion” so you can see the creative prompts, games and workouts I’ve been collecting for decades – and that I’m now sharing in “Strings of Passion” 

Get a streamlined tour of the 7 Strings of Passion, the principles that take you from creative IMPULSE to creative EXPRESSION.

Get a sneak peek at all the basic workouts in the Creativity Gym at 

Learn how they work to expand your own creativity

Discover the power of a creativity practice – even if it’s as short as  11 minutes a day – and what you can do in that 11 minutes to enrich your own creative resonance

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