This just looks wrong to me – to have so many of the same image on my feed.  Am I overthinking this? 

To me, my feed shouldn’t have a bunch of images that all look the same — OR if they are the same, there should be embedded text saying that this is a series.

This is how it looks on the feed.

This is how it looks on the IGTV view 

It still looks wrong to me – even if the ‘titles’ are different it seems like the images should either be different or clearly indicate that it’s a series, yes?

Question #2 for Instagalactic Strategy Session 8/3/21

These are the examples to go with my email question on August 3.

For IG Reels: where should we put the text on the video so it isn’t cut off when people see it as a regular post? Also, how much text is too much or too little on an IG Reel?

We posted this IG Reel yesterday:

It is part of a “30 Days of Unfounded Optimism” Challenge. We wanted to make that more clear with the text.

Here are three mock-up possibilities.

Example #1:

Example #2:

Example #3:

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