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Musical Theater Songs & Other Songs

Long before I picked up the instrument I’m known for, the harp, I was writing musicals and songs.  Some of them made it onto my albums, but some  have been hidden for decades, or only heard by the people who came to see a particular show. This page is a collection of songs from all those places, some of which are still just recorded on the fly – no production values – just the scratchy sound of a work tape – and some which I’ve fleshed out and released on albums.  As more people start asking to perform my songs – this is the page I’m putting them.

From ‘The Golden Cage’

“The Golden Cage” is a one-act, two person musical about a bird-man who’s searching for the ultimate security of a mythical golden cage. When he finds it, it’s everything he ever dreamt of. Except for one thing. There’s a woman trapped inside – and she says the cage is built of granite and iron.  See Video, Synopsis, etc. at Golden Cage Musical Page

My House is Nice Like This

Then, At Last the Curtain Opens

Alphea’s Story

Flying Song

Humor Her Madness

First Came the Dream

Flying Song Reprise

From ‘The Frog Princess’

“The Frog Princess” is similar to “Peter and the Wolf.  It’s a musical for narrator/singer and symphony orchestra. I premiered it with the Buffalo Philharmonic and have performed it since with other symphonies and at the Chicago Humanities Festival Children’s Festival, and The Kennedy Center. 

Chapters 13-17 (My Secret Self / Curse Reverser / Ha Ha Song)

Ribbity Bibbity Bebop

Fit to Be A King

Chapters 1-2 (Once Upon a Time / Don’t Try to Be … More than you Are)

From ‘What The Hell are you Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven??’

“What the Hell …??” is a one-woman, one-act musical for actress/singer and electric harp. It was premiered at the Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA. It’s the story of a woman who works as a casting coach for the Heavenly Choir.

Halleluia Blues

In the Wings

From ‘The Ground Zero Club’

‘The Ground Zero Club” is a two-act large-cast musical about Octavia, a former television super-hero who’s become an anti-nuclear activist in  middle-age and her guerilla theater troop, the “Ground Zero Club.” 

When the End Comes (Jan Greeley singing)

Tell Me Your Nightmares (and I’ll Tell You Mine)


Who Will Mourn Me

Leave Me Out

Something’s Gotta Mean Something / One Day

(Deborah Henson-Conant & Janet Greeley)


Ned’s Soliloquy (Does She Believe Me?)

Freeze a Little Bit


(Gloria Hodes, soprano)

Absolute Now

This is a composer’s work-tape: a version of the song sung by the composer to show actors how the song goes

When the End Comes (Deborah Henson-Conant singing)

(with piano intro)

from Marketplace Cabaret

“Marketplace Cabaret” was a summer music project for Boston-Area teenagers



The Me Nobody Knows

More Songs

The Nightingale


Love Gone Bad

Birth ‘a Bertha

Dogs of Somerville

Bring it All to You

I Love My Garbage Man

The Land Of You

Dance the Way You Dance

Caught in the Spell

Never too Late

There’s a Boat

Altered Ego

Nobody Half As Strong

Way are You Are Blues

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