Deborah Henson-Conant

Dear Radio Journalists ~

Below I’ve tried to put streamable and a link to downloadable WAV files for you in the various styles I explore.  I hope this page works to get you the files you need and let you listen to them before downloading. Please let me know whether it works for you or not. If not, I’ll happily forward you the files a different way. 

If you don’t see what YOU need below, or can’t access it, please just send an email and we’ll make sure you get it.

My focus has been exploration of this new instrument to discover what’s possible with it.

  •  BLUES: Blues – with it’s bends and Blues scales – is perfect for the electric lever harp.  The lever harp is  like a 32-string fretless guitar that you can set into a Blues Scale over 4 octaves. Scroll down for a streaming player and link to downloadable WAV files.

COMING SOON (Once we know this system for getting you the files works) 

  • LATIN: Latin rhythms seem to come to the instrument naturally – and there’s a long history of harp in Latin American countries – in fact, Harp is the national instrument of Paraguay and many Latin-American countries have traditional harps as part of their culture.
  • JAZZ: For the straight-ahead and Contemporary jazz I explored earlier in my career, I used the concert harp, with its 7 pedals that allow fast modulations – and most of the jazz I’ve played was with bass and percussion, the band I toured with for years.
  • SINGER-SONGWRITER: The singer-songwriter and music-theater influenced music combines elements of all the others, with storytelling.
  • CLASSICAL-INFLUENCED TRACKS: It’s almost impossible not to be influenced by classical music as a harpist, and as a composer I’m fascinated with classical form and how they provide opportunities for both expression and sometimes improvisation.


Journalists: You should be able to hear the tracks in the player at the left, and then CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WAV files – you’ll just need the password (“journalist”) to download the files.

  1. Way You are Blues – is an upbeat Blues with electric harp, voice and horns. This is the song I wrote for my beau … to sing to me.
  2. Birth o’ Bertha – is a Blues-inspired song for electric harp, voices & horns.  It’s about a famous tree that once stood outside of Davis Square in Somerville, MA.
  3. Sous Chef (I’ll Be Your Sous Chef, Baby) – is a Blues for Foodies for electric harp & voice.
  4. Love Gone Bad – is a Blues for electric harp & voices.  The electric level harp is unique in many ones – one is that you can set the entire harp up into a single Blues scale, which is how this piece is set up.

(If you only see 3 tracks in the play at the left, what can I say?  There are 4 tracks in this playlist. I’ve no idea why Soundcloud wn’t show them all consistently.  We’re also working to get the META information updated so if it’s not updated correctly that’s not by intention)

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