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See the 2018 Course Schedule below!

2018 Hip Harp Academy Curriculum (tentative dates)


Strings of Passion (Jan 19 – Mar 28)

A 10-Week creative expression course that takes you on a journey to the center of your creative expression. You’ll develop your own daily creative practice with prompts, meditations and a workbook full of creative exercises. Most importantly you’ll have guidance and the chance to show your work and ask questions. More info at StringsOfPassion.com

Blues Harp-Style (Apr 10 – May 14)

Learn a low-down Blues, a Boogie-Woogie Bassline and even a slow and luscious blues you can play in therapeutic situations.  This is a great program for building a repertoire of fun tunes and learning to jam with others. It’s also a great course for harp ensembles. More info at BluesHarpStyle.com

Blues by the Dozen (May 14 – 29)

A 12-day Blues Challenge to play a new Blues Melody each day and post your rendition by the next morning, using the techniques you learned in “Blues HarpStyle.”

‘New Blues’ Beyond the Page (May 27)

Learn to make your own arrangement of one of my most popular tunes so you can add everything you learned in “Blues Harp-Style!”

‘The Nightingale’ Beyond the Page (Jun 3)

A brand new program that breaks down my most requested piece so that you can easily memorize it, simplify it and see where you can build in your own improvisation.

Quick-Technique Courses (Jun 1 – 30)

This includes shorter courses such as “Guide to Loopers” and “Guide to Amplification,” “Meet the ‘DHC’ Harp” and more “Beyond the Page” courses.

Summer Harp Jam (Jul 11 – Aug 26)

You’ll learn to jam alone or with others in this play-along virtual Summer Camp for Harpists – no homework, no stress – this is all about having fun and playing along in the moment! This is also a GREAT program for people who want to start playing with loopers. Many of the jams you’ll learn in the course can be used with a looper pedal. More info at SummerHarpJam.com

Hands on Harmony (Available Year-Round for Self-Paced Learning)

This essential course is always available for “at your own pace” learning. It gives you a theory and harmony foundation specifically for HARP with hands-on exercises that get harmony directly into your fingers. Once or twice a year I run a virtual retreat where we go through it all together so you can ask questions when I’m there live to answer them. More info at HandsOnHarmony.com

‘Baroque Flamenco’ Beyond the Page (Sep 12 – Oct 12)

You’ll learn to play one of the pieces that won me a Grammy Nomination – and take it beyond the page so you can play it as a fiery showpiece or a contemplative fantasia at your own level – simplified for fledglings – or all the bells and whistles for advanced. More info at BaroqueFlamenco.com.

Hip Harp Toolkit (including ‘Arrange Yourself’) (Oct 19 – Dec 12)

Learn to create impromptu arrangements and entire repertoires from simple tunes and the “DHC Method” of expanding them only ’til they work for YOU. More info at HipHarpToolkit.com.

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