Why would a Bird-man search for a Golden Cage?
Is there a cage YOU long to be in?

SUN. Mar. 27, 2022 at 3:30 PM EST

This is a special even LIVE from my funky attic composer’s studio
to learn about how I built the Musical “The Golden Cage” that’s running April 20-24 in NYC
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This “Backstage Salon” is open to all –
artists, musicians, writers, dreamers –
anyone with the smallest hint of an artist’s soul
who wants to TAKE that hint and start living it.

In this special Backstage Salon, I’ll be telling you the story of “The Golden Cage,” my new musical that will appear in NYC April 20-24.

I’ll be playing some of the music from the show, sharing the back-story of how it came into being, why it took soooooo long and how that’s been both a heartbreaking delay and one of the most inspiring things that could have happened for the show – and my own life.

I’ll leave plenty of time for “AMA” (“Ask Me Anything”)

This is a broadcast from my composition studio in my attic, so there will be some bumps in the road – and a lot of fun.

What IS “The Golden Cage”?

“The Golden Cage” is a mythical musical comedy – a fable about a Bird-Person, Boris, who’s on a lifelong quest to find the legendary Golden Cage. After years of searching Boris, finds the glorious cage on a remote mountain peak, and it’s everything the legends described. Except for one thing: There’s a grumpy, reclusive Diva living inside it, Alphea – who says the cage is a prison made of cement and iron.

The Golden Cage is a story of perception, isolation, freedom and ambition. It’s about the powerful illusions that trap us in our own minds … and the one thing that can set us free.

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Sat. Mar. 31 at 2pm EDT

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