Danny Boy Reinvented

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When you purchase the music you’ll see a list of the amazing musicians who helped me edit this music to make it more readable and playable for YOU! These harpists from all around the world, of many different playing levels, sent me videos, PDFs and bullet lists of suggestions to help me hone my conception of the piece and bring it to youThank you so much to everyone on the Beta Team for this project!!

Here’s what harpists like YOU say about this arrangement

Loved the Harmonies!

The piece was so lovely to read through, I loved the harmonies and got a real feel of the piece through it.  (Caitlyn Thomas)

I wish ALL music came with this!

Just LOVE the new final arrangement. Beautiful copy! I wish all music came with the same background notes on the arranger/composer and instructions on how to play the piece. I hope you have started a new trend in music publishing!! (Dilys Williams)

'Re-Inventing' Danny Boy

I really like what you have done in taking what has become (certainly in and around Ireland) a rather hackneyed piece/song and ‘re-inventing’ it – especially through the unexpected chords and left hand work. (Fearghal  McCartan, Harpist)

Love those Chords & Arpeggios

I am not quite 4 years of harp playing, but it was pretty easy to go through.  I particularly love some of those chords and arpeggios.  My harp teacher asked what my next song was and I have already told her it will be this!  (Pam Mott)

Beautiful to Play

Love it …  I consider it on the advanced side … and beautiful to play even as an intermediate player wanting to improve myself.  (Maria Wilson)

Watch Performances of this Arrangement

Watch these videos to hear harpists from the creative “Beta” team perform the piece.  These are some of the videos this creative team made to help me see if I’d written what I wanted to hear effectively – and these musicians and others on the team helped me hone the written arrangement to make it more readable and playable.  Thank you Beta Team! (You’ll see them all listed in the sheet music itself)

This story and performance from Robbin Gordon-Cartier’s life (above) is about an unusual trip to Ireland to play for an unexpected audience – and it’s this story that inspired me to create this new arrangement for her shows and speaking engagements.  Visit Robbin’s Website to learn more about her, the music she plays and the programs she offers.

The video above by Chanah Ambuter is one of the videos I received to help me see if what I wrote on the page is what I wanted to hear.  This shows an earlier version of the music – and you can perform it this way by leaving out many of the arpeggios on the sheet music. You can see, from Chana’s performance that it’s just as effective without many of the ‘fill’ arpeggios.  Visit Chana’s Website to learn more about her, the music she plays and the programs she offers.

This second video by Chanah Ambuter is a performance of the final version of the piece which includes more arpeggio fills than the first version she played.  You’ll get tips on how to play it either way on the sheet music itself. Visit Chana’s Website to learn more about her, the music she plays and the programs she offers.

Have you made a video of this arrangement?
Do you tips for others on how to play it?

If you’ve made a video of a performance – or a video to teach students how to play it (or you want to make one!) – please share it with me by using my “Ask-a-Question” form.  Send me the YouTube link, your name, your website, and what you love about the piece along with your performance or teaching video and I’ll share it on this page as soon as I get the chance.

  • Performance Videos can be in concert, in your home, for friends – or anywhere you want to video-tape. 
  • Teaching Videos or Tips are to help players of any level simplify, expand, finger, phrase, play, express or adapt the piece to play with other instruments, singers, etc.

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