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What if you discovered that ONE SIMPLE STRUCTURE could set you free?

What if this one creative structure gave you the power to create endless repertoire?

What if this was the gateway to a lifetime of self-expression and improvisation?

Did you know that some structures FREE you, while others CONSTRAIN you?

Structures imposed from OUTSIDE can be turn chaos to order, but they’re not about freedom or creativity. 

Simple INTERNAL structures are the FLEXIBLE skeletons of creative expression.  

My new online program for harpists, “Building the Bones” is all about simple structures that release and support your creativity.  You’ll learn one of them in this FREE Training. 


FREE YOURSELF FROM THE NOTES with a powerful musical structure you can memorize in 30 seconds … 

CREATE INSTANT ARRANGEMENTS using that one structure from any simple tune – at any level of technical complexity — arrangements can all sound different!

LEARN HOW TO “RESTYLE” that music – so you can play the same piece in a classical style, a Latin style – or in a meditative style for therapeutic situations.

DISCOVER HOW THIS CAN INCREASE YOUR REPERTOIRE INSTANTLY (and creatively!) – and with the Holidays coming up, that means you can have an instant Holiday repertoire that’s FUN to play … AND gives you opportunities to practice improvising!

HAVE FUN creating & Improvising – because SIMPLE CREATIVE STRUCTURES gives you FREEDOM … when you know how to unlock their magic.

PLUS! SPECIAL BONUS: “The Art of Noodling!” The first step to melodic improv is Noodling. And the first step to Noodling is… well… find out when you join me on July 8!

Music: It’s about CONNECTION … not PERFECTION!

Did you know that some structures FREE you, while others CONSTRAIN you? Flexible internal structures give you freedom to create — they’re like a skeleton that lets you build, grow, expand – and run, and leap – and even fly.  Externally imposed structures constrain you. They can be helpful at turning chaos to order.  Simple musical structures are the skeletons of creative expression. Presents a


 Deborah Henson-Conant’s

“Blues for Meditation Harp-Style”

Sat. Mar. 31 at 2pm EDT


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