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Why We Created “Jung at Harp”

You hear people all day long on the internet selling to you, telling you how to be smarter, better, more effective. But to expand fully, your mind needs to engage in inquiry and exploration. It needs to watch other minds explore, see the interplay of questions and ideas, to watch ideas unfold.

In “Jung at Harp” you jump into a conversation that explores the world where music and the psyche meet. Two experts in their own fields – of music and psychoanalysis – in a conversation about ideas without any ulterior agenda. These conversations aren’t about trying to prove, teach or sell.

This is the art of conversation, the joy of exploration – and YOU are invited to be part of it.

It all started in an old car. I was in Charlotte, NC for a series of workshops. Kathleen Wiley, a Jungian Psychoanalyst and budding harpist, was a member of the local Harp Society who offered to host me in her home, and ferry me to the workshop site.

It was in those car rides that we started a conversation about how the mind, emotions and music influence each other — and I never wanted those conversations to end.

But you know how it is – you mean to keep in touch, but life intrudes. So three years later, we decided to do an experiment. What if the best way to continue the conversation regularly was to do it as a weekly broadcast?  A weekly conversation series about the rich land where music and the psyche meet, illuminated by Kathleen’s expertise in the work of Carl Jung and my lifelong work as a composer and performer.

We both play harp, so we called it “Jung at Harp”

If you listen to the episodes from the beginning you’ll see we explore different formats for the conversation – but it always centers on the same theme: the place where music and psyche meet – and how that can illuminate us and transform our lives.

Deborah Henson-Conant is a composer, performer and creator of Hip Harp Academy an international training community for creative expression, improvisation and performances skills for harpists.  Website   TEDx Talk

Kathleen Wiley is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, presenter, and author empowering people to live out of a conscious connection to the larger Self – in her work with couples and in her writings and workshops at Inner Divine Spirit.


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