DHC returns to her Jazz roots on the Cape (Press Release)

PRESS RELEASE – Run Through July 1, 2015

Cape Cod Jazz Festival presents:
A Night under the Stars at the with Deborah Henson-Conant
Wed. July 1st, 2015 at 8:30pm

Wequassett Resort on Pleasant Bay, Chatham, Massachusetts 02633
FREE & Open to the public
More info: 800-225-7125 / http://www.wequassett.com/jazz/


Deborah Henson-Conant (DHC) conceived the instrument she plays. “I wanted to take an 80-pound concert harp and shrink it down to an instrument I could strap on and play like an electric guitar,” she says.  She was already well-known as the country’s leading jazz-harpist by the early 90′s, but traveling with the huge instrument.

She took her vision of a truly portable harp to France and described it to the head of the world’s cutting-edge harp manufacturer, CAMAC.  He loved the idea. The result is the world’s leading electric harp, named after her, the “DHC-Light,” an 11-pound carbon-fibre instrument she wears – and she’s the world’s leading player and coach of this innovative instrument.

DHC uses a looper pedal to layer sounds and create rhythmic grooves she improvises over.  She combines styles and genres, focusing on styles she says offer opportunities for physical expression — like Jazz, Blues, Flamenco and theater-inspired music.  “All my work is about invention – on the spot, in the moment – and the combination of story and music with physical gesture you can actually hear” she says.

Henson-Conant hit the jazz scene in the early 90′s as the only woman instrumentalist on Dave Grusin’s jazz label, GRP – and she spent the 90′s touring Europe with her trio playing contemporary jazz originals.  She’s now another rarity, a woman orchestral composer whose jazz-inspired concertos are performed  around the world – and as the creator and founder of the first online school for improvisational jazz harp studies, the DHC Academy (or as some call it, “Pluck University”).

Her solo appearance at the Cape Cod Jazz Festival is a rare chance to see the master of an instrument she invented, up-close and personal – just hands, harp, looper-pedal, voice.  An evening surrounded by jazz, under the stars, overlooking Pleasant Bay.


12th Annual Cape Cod Jazz Festival:  The 12th annual Cape Cod Jazz Festival takes place at the Wequassett Resort and features some of the region’s best performers.  It has become one of the most anticipated events of the summer season and is free and open to the public.  Performances take place on the garden terrace overlooking Pleasant Bay. Cocktails and a light menu are available throughout the evening.

This is the second concert of the Cape Cod Jazz Festival 2015 season, a festival that includes saxophonist Grace Kelly, the Julliard Jazz Ensemble, White Heat Swing Orchestra, Paula Cole and Kevin Eubanks.

WHO:  GRAMMY® Nominated Electric Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant
WHAT:  A Night under the Stars with Deborah Henson-Conant
WHEN:  Wed. July 1st, 2015 at 8:30pm
WHERE: The Wequassett Resort on Pleasant Bay, Chatham, Massachusetts 02633
TIX INFO:  No charge and open to the public
FESTIVAL INFO:  For more information call 800-225-7125 or visit http://www.wequassett.com/jazz/
ARTIST’S PRESS CONTACT:  Joy Monteverdi, 781-483-3556, info@HipHarp.com
MORE INFO: http://www.hipharp.com/about.html
HI-RES IMAGES http://www.hipharp.com/pressphotos.html

Deborah Henson-Conant is a Grammy-Nominated composer, performer and coach to passionate harp players worldwide.

On stage she performers solo concerts, one-woman show and as a soloist with orchestras.  She combines musical genres and performance styles. Her music ranges from Jazz to Blues to Flamenco, played on a custom-built 32-string electric harp that was invented specifically for her, and named after her, the “DHC-Light.” Her shows shows combine music, humor and theater, with a voice that’s been compared to Carly Simon and stories that harp on the good things in life.

As a composer, her concertos and solo works are performed by orchestras and solists around the globe. As a coach and mentor, she works with impassioned harp players world-wide in her online courses.

Guitar legend Steve Vai calls her the “Jimi Hendrix of the harp.” The New York Times credits her with “reshaping the serenely Olympian harp into a jazz instrument by warping it closer to the Blues.” She’s debuted with the Boston Pops, opened for Ray Charles at Tanglewood, and jammed with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Bobby McFerrin and jazz great Doc Severinsen.

Website: http://www.HipHarp.com
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/HipHarp
Blog: http://www.hipharp.com/blog/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/HipHarpist
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/HipHarpist

For more artist info or to schedule an interview, contact: 
Joy Monteverdi, 781-483-3556, hipharp@hipharp.com

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Congratulations, You Made it This Far! (The Birthday Song)

Ever had a birthday when you wish the Birthday Fairy would go visit someone else?

I have! And I wrote this song especially for those birthdays.

Soooo many people request it that I wanted to share it. Click the video below to hear it and then click this button to download your own copy.

Download “Congratulations, You Made it This Far” Birthday Song!

Saturday night, I get to sing a special surprise version of “Congratulations, You Made it this Far” for Frank, who’s coming to my show at the Celebration Barn in Maine (shhhh … don’t tell him -  it’s a secret).

Come to the show and help me sing it!  Listen to it below, download it above and, heck, download the words right here so you can sing along.



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Promo Page for the Barn Show

This is where we are collecting all the links, videos, images, blogs and basic show information for my show on Saturday June 20th at the Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris Maine – so we (or anyone else) can easily grab the URL or image we want to help spread the news about the show.

WHO: GRAMMY® Nominated Electric Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant
WHAT: Solo Show “Hip HARP – Deborah Henson-Conant”
WHEN: Sat. June 20, 2015 at 8pm
WHERE: The Celebration Barn Theater, 190 Stock Farm Road, South Paris, ME 04281
TIX INFO: $25 general admission, $20 seniors & kids
TIX: http://www.celebrationbarn.com/event/an-evening-with-deborah-henson-conant/
TIX Short link: http://goo.gl/9wj1iC
BOX OFFICE: (207) 743-8452

BLOGS: Here is list of all the Barn-related Blogs. The first 4 are much better to use for promoting THIS show – the others are background info that’s interesting.

VIDEOS: Here are the urls for the videos we have.  All these videos are also in some of the blogs above, which you will see in the notes.

  • A Life Transformed by the Barn:  This video is about how Tony helped DHC transform her life and her instrument. (This video is in the Press release blog)  https://youtu.be/cJvMqa7aihM
  • DHC Demo Video (With video slugs that promote Barn Show, this video is in the press release blog)  https://youtu.be/pLhsTr3zIQ
  • ‘Strum-Tune’ Arm-Harmonics: Technique video #1 -In this video DHC shows how she creates a strum technique for voice & electric harp using arm to create bell-like harmonics and percussive sounds (this video is in the 4 techniques blog) https://youtu.be/txsyzU9sh_o
  • Juanito’s Left-Hand Bossa: In this video DHC show how she developed a left-hand bossa-nova pattern to use with voice & electric harp(this video is in the 4 techniques blog)  https://youtu.be/USPHgKFcJyM
  • Looper Pedal Bassline In this video DHC shows how she uses looper pedal to clone herself with electric harp (this video is in the 4 techniques blog)  https://youtu.be/w7lEx5-1GlQ
  • Brubecker Multi-Area Tuning In this video DHC shows how to tune parts of the electric harp in different keys to can shift harmonic area when shifting to a different physical area of the instrument (this video is in the 4 techniques blog)   https://youtu.be/D_0qr3_Rnj0

IMAGES: These are images we are using to promote the Barn Show.

The “rack card” (long poster)




Ezine Poster



Photo we sent with the press release



Tony and Me

Tony Montanaro and Deborah Henson-Conant

Tony and Me


Barn Exterior

Celebration Barn - Performance Workshops

Celebration Barn


Ginger Surprise

Celebration Barn 2010 - Ginger Kids at Show

Celebration Barn 2010 – Me and the Ginger Kids after the Show

Video Images:  (For the 4 technique videos)

Looper-2minTechnique-Youtube-click StrumTune-2minTechnique-Youtube-click Brubecker-2minTechnique-Youtube-click Juanitos-Youtube-click

Video Image: A Life Transformed by the Barn




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