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Harpist-register-for-free-training-FB-boostableSaturday, April 30th at 2:30PM EDT
Come Play with ME!

You’ll get to play-along – or just watch, download my Rhythm to Relaxation worksheet,  and get access to the replay — PLUS you’ll get a special offer for my 5-Week “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the PAGE” online course!


In this FREE Online PLAY-ALONG Training You’ll Learn:

  • How to DE-compose a rhythm –  so you can create new rhythms with it – simplified for less-advanced players – and embellished for advanced players!
  • A 5-rhythm warmup you can use right away -to warm up your hands and your sense of rhythm… or to use as a musical “variation”!
  • How to turn a dramatic rhythmic into an open improvisation for meditative or responsive playing .
  • How to HAVE FUN with rhythms by playing with your whole body instead of trying counting them out.
  • Best of all – learn to expand and embellish rhythms as your ability expands – so you’re never bored and always playing at your current technical level – no matter how many years you play with these rhythms – because you know how to play WITH them!


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Romance Novel … or harpist’s adventure?

Harp Players! Live inside your OWN musical romance novel! Join my 5-Week online Course “Baroque Flamenco – Beyond the Page” – Spring 2016 session starts on May 2nd.

bfbp-mariedancer-readstory-shorter-nofooterWe all want to experience passion in our lives.  Come on, admit it – you DO look twice at the bodice-ripping covers of trashy romance novels, don’t you?

But what if you don’t want to have to repair your bodice night after night?  What if you don’t even HAVE a bodice?

How can we EXPERIENCE passion in the life we actually have?

Passion is all about expressing, embodying, revealing.  The tempo quickens, grace falters and the raw rhythm of desire takes over.

When we’re empassioned, we’re filled with ourselves in action.

At the same time we’re gloriously taken out of ourselves.

How can we EXPERIENCE passion in the life we actually have? #BaroqueFlamenco Click To Tweet

This is what I wanted to experience – and to create – when I wrote my harp piece “Baroque Flamenco.”  I wanted to experience being a Flamenco dancer without having to actually learn the steps, to experience the grace of being a queen without taking over anyone’s throne.

I wanted to EMBODY the character – and the characters of this music –  and to embody their story, just as if I were — all by myself with my harp – a romance novel about the rivalry between a two powerful women: a queen with the power of grace, and a Flamenco dancer with the power of rhythm.

And that’s what I want to give YOU when you experience the piece as an audience … or as a player.  And THAT’S why I created an online course for harpists specifically to explore this piece – it’s called “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page.”

The rivalry between 2 women: a queen with the power of grace, and a Flamenco dancer with the power of rhythm. Click To Tweet

So what’s ON the page?

The piece is now written in manuscript and played all over the world.  It’s a show-stopper, a concerto, a chamber ensemble piece …

BUT it started as an experiment. An experiment in how to embody freedom and passion on the harp.  And in my upcoming course “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page” I take harpists back to the roots of the piece so they can create their own version – a version that allows each play to express – and experience – passion at their own level of ability.

In #BaroqueFlamenco BEYOND the Page I take harpists back to the roots of the piece so they can… Click To Tweet

Join me to go BEYOND the PAGE in a 5-Week Adventure into YOUR musical romance!

Registration is open NOW – class starts May 2nd!  REGISTER FOR BAROQUE FLAMENCO BEYOND THE PAGE NOW at BaroqueFlamenco.com


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Hand-to-Hand: Passing on “Baroque Flamenco”

“Baroque Flamenco” is one of my most fiery & dramatic pieces that’s the dramatic finale of PBS music special “Invention & Alchemy” and the 3rd movement of my concerto “Soñando en Español.” (Read about the piece in this blog).  Now the piece is in the hands of many other harpists …
Harpists! Do you want to play Baroque Flamenco on lever or pedal harp, at YOUR level?  Join my 5-Week online Course “Baroque Flamenco – Beyond the Page” – Spring 2016 session starts on May 2nd.

In 2008 I arranged “Baroque Flamenco” for other harpists to play, and instead of just making a single arrangement, I created 3 arrangements: one for beginners, one for intermediate players, and the concert version I play, myself, for advanced players.  All the versions are playable on concert harp, and the beginning & intermediate versions are also playable on the lever harp (also called “Folk Harp” or “Celtic Harp.”  You can see both concerts harps and lever harps in the photo below)

Workshop with DHC

Hands-On Workshop with DHC

So now harpists all over the world are playing this piece.  But to really play the piece – to bring it aliveyou need to not just play the notes, but also play the “character” of the piece — and that’s the kind of thing you can’t pass on via written notes.  

To REALLY play the piece - bring it alive, you need to not just play the notes, but also play the… Click To Tweet

So I created an online course specifically for learning how to express the character of the piece  — which is both the simplest, and the hardest part of the music.

To work on that, we use a simplified version of the piece, so that players on all levels, from beginning to advance, can work together at the same time.  Interestingly, it’s often the less advanced players who have an easier time connecting with the ‘character’ of the piece, so working together in a multi-level environment is useful to everyone.

It's often less advanced players who have easier time connecting with 'character' of the piece Click To Tweet

By  the end of the course, everyone knows how to ‘get this piece across’ to an audience, regardless of their skill level, and they can then take that understanding and apply it to whatever level of the piece they’re working on. They also get my tips on practice techniques for Baroque Flamenco and ideas for developing their own unique performances of the piece.

I love sharing this in this online course because as a composer I have a limited language through just written notes – but when I can be with you, and show you exactly what I mean, musically, you’re getting all the music, not just the notes.  You get to virtually look over my shoulder.  You get to experience the passion of the piece – you get the living music and then you become part of the life of that piece.

I love sharing #BaroqueFlamenco in online course because as a composer I'm limited by just written… Click To Tweet

Do YOU play the harp? Do you want to learn Baroque Flamenco – beyond the page?

“Baroque Flamenco – Beyond the Page” registration for spring 2016 is open NOW.  Join NOW to get right into the classroom where you can get a head start by downloading the music, starting on the warmups and getting into the secret Facebook group where you can ask questions right away! Class starts May 2nd.

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