Deborah Henson-Conant

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My Dad Sings

About five years before he died, I asked my Dad if he’d make a recording for me of the songs I heard him sing when I was a kid. Did he just make a recording?  No. He sat down and filled two sides of a cassette with the story of his life and all the songs in it. It... read more

How I met my mother

This is a special Mother’s Day message – and a question: Where is your mother in you, now? This picture is my mother and me when I was little.  My biggest childhood heroes were my mother, my aunt, our post-mistress who had a wooden leg, and my dad’s dog. I... read more

Play, Play, Play the Blues

When I’m trying to teach … or learn … anything – it always helps me to have a song.  This is one I wrote for a workshop on the Blues. The way we did this is that I’d sing the first line, then they’d sing back – and so on,... read more

Composer – Performer

I usually consider myself a composer-performer.  But I love the moments I become a composer to someone else’s performer. When I was 12 I knew I wanted to be a composer – to meld story with music in operas, musicals, art songs – stories with music in... read more