with Deborah Henson-Conant
& Special Guest Shelley Fairplay

RECORDED MON. SEP. 24 at 4:30 EDT / 21:30 U.K.

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What if you discovered that ONE SIMPLE STRUCTURE could set you free?

What if this one creative structure gave you the power to create endless repertoire?

What if this was the gateway to a lifetime of self-expression and improvisation?

You’ve read about them. You’ve heard them. You wonder if YOU could use one

Now here’s a FREE Looper Training that will answer all your questions!


LEARN HOW A LOOPER WORKS.  Including what the different parts of a looper are, what they look like,  what to consider when buying a looper and what else you need in order to start using a looper. 

TRY OUT A VIRTUAL LOOPER!  Yup!  As silly as this may sound, we’ll give you a looper to print out so you can get a real physical sense how it workd.

LEARN HOW TO START a loop successfully, how to OVERDUB loops, and effective ways to END a loop and transition back into ‘normal’ playing.

EXPERIENCE PLAYING OVER LOOPS right in the webinar (so bring your instrument!)

DOWNLOAD LOOPS YOU CAN USE to get started. Both Shelley and DHC have special handouts to help you get started with your own looper. You’ll be able to download the PDFs and start practicing effective loops right now – even before you buy a looper.

PLUS! SPECIAL BONUS: “The Art of Noodling!” The first step to melodic improv is Noodling. And the first step to Noodling is… well… find out when you join me on July 8!

Music: It’s about CONNECTION … not PERFECTION!

Best of all, you get the hands-on experience from two harpists who are both professional performers & coaches, who use loopers professionally in concert performance, on background gigs, for improv training – and for FUN!

Deborah Henson-Conant (“DHC”), a Grammy-Nominated performer, composer & the founder/creator of “Hip Harp Academy” Online Harp Academy, was one of the first harp players to use a looper in concert, combining it with her signature “DHC Harp” from CAMAC Harps, first for solo shows – and then with shows as a symphony soloist as well.  DHC does a lot of story-telling in her shows and uses the looper as a background for stories as well.

Special guest Shelley Fairplay is a concert performer, gigging harpist – and creator & founder of START HARP Online Harp School, and Dynamic Harps Ensemble. Shelley uses a looper for solo shows, and also for functions.

You’ll have a chance to learn how these two internationally-known harpists use loopers, what pitfalls they had when they first started learning – and have an opportunity to ask them YOUR burning questions about looper pedals.  You’ll also get to download PDFs from each of them to help you get started with YOUR looping.


We’ll answer questions like:   Can you use a looper with an acoustic harp? Can you loop your voice? What happens if you loop the wrong thing??

Did you know that loopers can be a great tool for practice as well as fun in performance? Presents a


 Deborah Henson-Conant’s

“Blues for Meditation Harp-Style”

Sat. Mar. 31 at 2pm EDT


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