Emergency Landing Page

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. You send out an email with a link, and then the link doesn’t work and you don’t have time to send another email and … well, you know what I mean.  So I made this Emergency Landing Page where people can come when it seems like something might be wrong.  You won’t have the link unless I gave it to you in an email.

First make sure you’re looking at the most updated version of this page. Click the “Refresh Your Page …” button above to do that.

Then you should have the most updated links for whatever project or event you’re taking part in.

For the August 22 “Invention & Alchemy” Events 

These are currently the links to connect:

  • The Zoom Room where we meet before & after the concert. If a password is needed, use invention.  You’ll need to ‘register’ when you get there – that’s just to make sure that the people who RSVP’d are the people who are coming.  Enjoy!!
  • The Screening Room for the concert 


For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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