HipHarp Toolkit is my online course in the art of improv arrangement for harpists. We call these Final BEGINNING Projects because I tell the students to focus on imperfect completion as a way to end one phase of learning and begin the next, rather than sliding into an endless pattern of trying to perfect something.

Each video in the blog series represents the beginning of a player’s journey into the art of improvisatory arrangement after 10 weeks of learning the rudiments of arrangement.  

I tell students to focus on imperfect completion as a way to end 1 phase of learning and begin next Share on X

The goal of each project was to create an arrangement of no more than 3.5 minutes (some are as short as 90 seconds) that included up to 3 songs – and a lot of the people in the course focused on holiday songs so they can use their arrangements a musical holiday greetings.

You’ll see that players are at many different technical levels, and some get very creative with special effects.  The big challenge for them is to create at their technical level, as they are right now.  And I’m so proud of each one of these.

Each video is under 3.5 minutes long - many as short as 90 seconds Share on X

Each player answered 5 questions about their process.  You will see their answers on each of the project blogs.  I hope these insights will help readers to experiment and embrace the bravery of sharing something new and imperfect yourself.

I hope you’ll enjoy the chance to see the beginning of these creative journeys.

Then go out and do something silly or beautiful or experimental or brave … and perfectly imperfect … and experience what it’s like to create a beginning for yourself.

Here are the project video links!

(Click on each name to view each project)

  1.  Alexandra Coursen
  2. Pema Dechen
  3.  Margi Miller
  4.  Emily Greenberg
  5.  Nicole Mueller
  6.  April Rozboril

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