3-number-three-before-the-showToday my assistant Beatriz and I had a discussion about whether it’s 4 days before or 3 days before my because I like to think there’s more time.  She said get over it. It’s 3. She won.

Today, Henry, the videographer came by today to get my cameras. He’s going to shoot the show – and maybe more importantly, he’ll  interview audience members at intermission. I love Henry’s audience interviews!

When he told me he was planning to visit the venue tomorrow I thought –  Ha!  This is my big chance to actually get posters to the theater (see yesterday’s blog about how I forgot to send them last month).

So I FTP’d them over to Swifty (no time for our beloved regular printer, Jose) and raced down to get them, noting the not-so-subtle difference between how I look in my red pullover, no makeup and very little sleep – and how I look on stage.

I tried to explain I actually DO look like that and that it wasn't photoshopped Share on X



The lady at Swifty said they did a good photoshop job on the poster.  I tried to explain I actually DO look like that and that it wasn’t photoshopped.

Then Henry came by to get the cameras and taught me to put my iPhone on a tripod so I can videotape tomorrow’s recording session – since he now has my cameras.  This is Henry.  Check out his amazing eyebrows.


If you come to the show definitely try to get him to interview you.

Best-Laid Plans

I’d planned to spend the evening practicing and getting my gear together but instead I had to mess with my computer, emailing back and forth to Gordon, my computer wizard, who moved to California.  I’m in the middle of a massive file-exodus and it was taking longer than I expected.  Like everything.

I did get some of the gear together.  I like to lay it out on the floor, a technique we call “Easter Basketing” after a former assistant, Shara, who used to organize her Easter candy this way .

We call it Easter Basketing after a former assistant who organized her Easter candy this way Share on X


From left to right:  The black floor stand I made for my harp; the massive tupperware container with my wireless system, headset mics, cables and extra power cable whatzit; my orange mesh catch-all bag with a little bit of everything in it including my glasses and camera cards (you can’t see the floss, post-it notes and thumbdrive but they’re there too, with lots of other small helpful items); my blue mesh tool case and my see-through harp-repair kit.

Tomorrow I’m off to the recording studio to re-record a few tracks  and get some coaching from Blues-guy studio owner Larry on how to up the ante on my “Sous Chef” Blues, which I’m playing Saturday at the show.

There are still tickets for the show (Get TIX Here!) including some great center row seats at the back (“these are GREAT seats!” says I to me, “Why hasn’t anyone bought these??”).  Sure, they’re at the back, but this is an intimate theater – all the seats are great.   Honestly, I obsess over why nobody is sitting in certain seats, like “What’s wrong with these seats?”

This is actually what I think if I look at the seating chart:


 >> GET TIX NOW <<

(if you sit in one of those seats at the back you get an extra hug from me after the show!)

If you live too far away, get on the Livestream Guest-List here.



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