People – harpists, musicians, creatives, students, curious – often ask me about my life, my work, my instrument.  Students are often doing projects when they ask for an interview.

People often ask me about my life, my work, my instrument #interview #harp Share on X

Often people want to know the same kinds of things: How did I get started? What drew me to the harp? And when I answer I like to do it via video to create a library of answers people can draw from.

Occasionally the questions get more specific, like when someone has a particular research project.  In this case, Selina Her from Stanford University, sent me a list of questions that seemed to focus on the physical, the functional, the relationship between builders, harpists and the people who take care of harpists (like physical therapists and doctors)

Question Set #1

  • Describe your identity as a harpist
  • How do harpists fit in your social circle?
  • Do harpists I know share my views about the harp?

Question Set #2

  • Describe your ideal harp.
  • Do you think that how a harp looks influences how it’s heard by audiences?
  • Is there any part of the harp you would change?

Question Set #3

  • How often do you think about the physical strain of playing the harp?
  • Have you ever had sustained injuries from the harp?
  • Do harpmakes, harpists or doctors help prevent injuries?

Question Set #4

  • What do you think about technology like carbon fibre, midi & electric harps.

Question Set #5

  • Which is more important to you: aesthetics or ergonomics  ~ how it looks or how it feels?

Question Set #6

  • What makes a ‘harp’ a ‘harp’?
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