It’s the first-ever Virtual Harp Summit …
and I’m part of it!


No, this isn’t me … this is Diana Rowan who’s hosting the first-ever Virtual Harp Summit!

Harp Festivals are a big thing for harp players around the world and as more and more people play the harp – especially as adult beginners, it’s about time for a VIRTUAL Harp Festival!  And that’s what the Virtual Harp Summit is!

Spearheaded by my online-harp buddy Diana Rowan, it’s a free event focused specifically on developing more creativity in your harp playing ~ and it runs over 7 days for absolutely FREE with 25+ harp luminaries from around the world.

Sign up here for free and you’ll get to:

• Learn directly from 25+ master harpists •
• Listen to gorgeous harp performances •
• Meet other harpists worldwide •
… and do it all in your pyjamas in your own livingroom!


And just to prove that yes Diana does always look like a fairy princess, here’s a photo of me, Diana Rowan and harpist magnifico Lisa Lynn last summer live at the International Harp Festival in California.


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