My he told me there was ‘something’ he needed to express with his harp, but he wasn’t clear exactly what that was.

He’s a wonderful singer, a seasoned actor and has a strong, relaxed harp-playing style, so I assumed that he’d create a kind of one-man show over the year.

But Ted’s creative life changed on June 12, 2016 when he learned about the events at the Pulse nightclub.  Within hours he’d emailed me telling me how important it was that his work acknowledge that event and provide support and healing for people.

He started talking about labyrinths and healing and journeys — and then it all started to take shape.jones-teddy-labyrinth-journeypathcloth

Within weeks he’d painted a beautiful cloth labyrinth (see the design above) – a kind of portable pilgrimage,  When he came to the “Harness Your Muse” summer retreat, he brought the cloth in a huge duffel bag,  unfurled it and led the whole group through kind ceremony-performance, with himself as the Labyrinth Keeper, singing and speaking from the harp.  Then he led us through his Labyrinth, playing us through our journey.

Within two months he’d created “An Endless Song,” a completely new program, a way to use his harp to create a pilgrimage of healing and of new beginnings.  I got to experience it first-hand — the sense of group meditation and support, and the beauty of walking through one man’s painted garden.  (Here he is about to lead us all through the experience)

ted-labyrinthBelow he’s ‘clearing’ the labyrinth with beautiful silk flags

jones-teddy-labyrinth-flags-bostonBelow you can see people walking through the labyrinth, each in their own world, on a tiny pilgrimage – yet all together.

jones-teddy-labyrinth-walk-playing-bostonWe all want to reach out, to create something, to do something.  For Ted, what happened at Pulse led to a way of reaching both in to his music and out to help other people.

This Thursday Ted is being interviewed as part of the “Healing with Music” summit. Learn more and connect to the event at – Ted’s new website – he’ll have more information there on the day of the interview.

Do you have a project that’s filling your soul, and you need support and direction to bring it into the world?  Applications for 2017 “Harness Your Muse” are available now at


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