Having fun with Facebook Live! Today I jumped on and suddenly there were LOTS of people asking me to play all kinds of things like my “Garbageman” or “Blues” or “Happy Birthday.”  Fun!

So I played the version of “Happy Birthday” that’s in my new FREE “HaRpy Birthday” Training – because this is EXACTLY what it’s for!!!  That moment when someone says “It’s my Birthday!” and you’re like, well hey, I have a harp, let me play “Happy Birthday” so everyone can sing! (If you play the harp, register to get that FREE HaRpy Birthday mini-training here: https://pr205.isrefer.com/go/HBF/DHC/).

(Also check out yesterday’s Facebook Live –  It’s gotten over 2,000 hits since yesterday and it was really fun – I was playing “Rhythm Changes” on a lever harp with a backing track from YouTube)

This is all part of my BRAND NEW Hip Harp Academy (http://www.HipHarpAcademy.com).  Registration opens next week – but if you play the harp you can get on the First-to-Know list by clicking this image below and signing up for the free “HaRpy Birthday” training.

Are you a harpist?  Then read this:

Are you ready to play with freedom and creativity? If you play the harp, I’ve developed a fun way for you to use the skills you already have to create a fun arrangement of Happy Birthday in a completely new way – to wow your friends and family (and impress yourself!) at the next birthday celebration!

Sign up to get The “HaRpy Birthday” mini-training here (it’s totally free) PLUS you’ll get on my “First-to-Know” list for the “Hip Harp Academy” AND get a sneak peek into the Academy online campus

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