Here are my timeless Holiday treats that I love sharing!  Each year the list grows: Gifts ideas, Holiday medleys created by students, “The Gift and The Giving” – a story to get you in the right mindset for a wonderful holiday month…  and of course – my music, that you can download or listen to.

So this year I’m putting them all in one place! Hope you like and share these!

A Round to SingSeason of Celebration – a Round to sing!  This is a round, once you learn it, you can sing it together with your friends and family.

Each new voice starts at the beginning of a new line. To end it, repeat the last line until everyone has caught up – or just keep singing it as many times as you want.  Enjoy! See more and learn the Round HERE.


The Gift Download CollectionThe Gift – Holiday Download Collection DOWNLOAD my 15-song Holiday Music compilation! You can also listen to sound clips and find out little know facts about this holiday collection! Facts like:  This is my best friend’s all-time favorite album of mine. Or another fact: The entire album is improvised based on the basic melodies of these tunes and several weeks of playing around with them in my studio. Find out more, listen to clips, AND download the album (or buy the CD)  HERE.

Season of Celebration PosterI Found Christmas for You! – I was talking with one of the musicians I coach, when she asked me if I’d ever considered playing a holiday program and I said that, in fact, I’d written two holiday suites I really love – for harp and string orchestra, called “Season of Celebration.”

But I’d totally forgotten about them!  You can read more about them and listen to them played with NESE, New England Strings Ensemble, HERE.

Holiday Medleys Created by my students!

Two years ago my course Hip Harp Toolkit had a special Holiday music theme.

The original goal was to complete the medley by Christmas to share as a Holiday gift for friends and family, but as the holiday madness kicked in some students decided instead to create…


AND finally … Some stories & thoughts to get you in the Holiday Spirit!

The Gift and the Giving
I’m struck by the difference between the experience of creating — and the experience of sharing what we create – the gift and the giving… READ MORE…

Chappy – Mherry – Chooray!
When I was 12 I wanted to send my grandparents a Hannukah card.  I’d never celebrated the holiday, since only half my family was Jewish and that half – my mother – was a big Christmas decoration fan… READ MORE…

The Guessing Gift
It’s Christmas Eve-ish and I’m about to head to the hardware store and costume shop, my favorite last-minute shopping destinations. But before I do, I want to tell you about a Christmas tradition I may or may not indulge in this year… READ MORE…

Hope you enjoy these!


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