It’s New Year’s Eve. Let me ask you something:

Does 2017 feel like a new beginning … or the beginning of the end? 

OK … now take a deep breath.

Whatever’s happening on the OUTside, INside is where you start changing your world – and the world around you.

The first step: Meet your Muse. Do it New Year’s Day in this free webinar.

Whatever's happening on the OUTside, INside is where you start changing the world Share on X

If you’re feeling like the world has become perilous, think about this: how does that affect your creative expression? Do you even feel like you are connected to your true creative expression any more??

Are you letting what’s happening on the ‘outside’ affect how connected you are on the inside? When we feel insecure, it can completely disconnect us.

Or …

What if you could connect to that still, small spark inside you? You know it. You’ve felt it. YOUR spark of inspiration and wonder.

What if you could do it every day? What if you had a safe place of wonder, and creative discovery? What if you had a creative GYM where you could meet with your muse and work out each day – even if you had just 10 minutes – 10 minutes to connect YOU to YOU. And then pour that into your creative expression – into your music, your art, your writing – in everything you do each day?

That connection to your deepest, purest creative impulse is the resonance of YOUR ‘Strings of Passion’ and why it’s important for me to share everything I know about it in 2017. You know your creative experience and expression is what makes your life truly RICH. You know it’s right there inside you waiting. And … you know ‘life’ gets in the way. You lose that connection. It happens to everyone.

But you can make a choice to connect to yourself.

Join me New Year’s Day for ‘Meet Your Muse‘ – It’s a free training for – harp players, non-harp-players, musicians, artists, writers, creative seekers – on the first step to reclaiming the deep power of connection to your creative expression, the first step to making 2017 the richest creative experience of your life.

Meet Your Muse on New Year’s Day

Take the first step to reignite your spark. Register for FREE. Don’t worry, if have New Year’s Day plans already, you’ll get a replay link. And yes, Yes, YES – you’re invited whether you play the harp or not! This is about connecting to YOUR creative spark – whatever that spark illuminates.

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Creativity is about CONNECTION … not PERFECTION

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