Wooohooo!   I just passed 10,000 Fans on Facebook.

So, why is this important?

Well, really anything we do that helps us see our connection with ourselves and with the world is important.

And for me, putting a human face on something that can seem to be based on popularity is important.   One thing I found interesting, is that after 10,000 fans, you don’t get to see the exact number again.  And that’s so misleading – because the value of any connection is the individual connection.

I’ve been doing a 30-Day “Showing Up” Challenge – and going on Facebook Live every day by midnight (sometimes pretty close to midnight though I’m trying to get there earlier), and last night I found myself saying to the people there:

” I feel like when I was a kid and someone would come to visit and I said, “Come on up to my room, I want to show you something that I just made. And that was one of the most wonderful and fun things I could ever do. And I feel like I’m doing that with you.

“I never thought that I would have a window like this window that’s on my desk, a window that I can just turn on and I can show you what I’ve just imagined in my studio. This is like a window all over the world. You are all over the world. I am singing to you all over the world. With this little window that we both are looking at. And we can actually see each other.”

I hope I see you on the other side of that window. Tonight … or every night.

Come join me at the Facebook window



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