I love coming across videos on YouTube of harp players performing my songs. Here’s are TWO performance of my tune “New Blues” that really caught my eye AND ear!

The first is by Conor O’Brien – It’s SO fun, I’m so happy I stumbled upon it! One of the things I love about this video (aside from the great playing, and how relaxed he is) is WHERE he recorded it and everything around him. It reminds me that music can transform absolutely every place into a venue for playing and listening to music, and that we can bring artistry into every part and every place of our lives.

Music can transform absolutely every place into a venue for playing & listening to music Share on X

This next one is by ‘Harp Beats’. I love it when people take my music and find a way to tell their own story with it, or use it as a way to get OUT of their usual story. This was a fun example of someone taking a simple prop- sunglasses – and using it to change their standard approach to how they show up with the harp.

I love it when people take MY music & find a way to tell THEIR own story with it Share on X

I also really love seeing the variety in the way people ‘stage’ their performances and enjoyed comparing with ‘Heart Beat’s’ version that used a simple black background and clear lighting, with Conor O’Brien’s that was clearly in a casual environment — because they were both equally enjoyable, though totally differently presented. It was great to notice that ‘presentation’ can mean many different things, and each way of presenting a piece can be equally effective – and simply showing a different side of someone.

Makes me want to take the same piece and perform it in a dozen different environments and kinds of clothing!

Are YOU a Harp Player?
Do YOU want to PLAY New Blues?

 Bluesy theme-and-variations for intermediate to advanced players, pedal or lever harp.

This was the first Blues-inspired piece I wrote for harp, and it’s more of a Be-bop – very upbeat. It’s fun to play and a big crowd-pleaser.

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