Megabyte-Minibyte Infographic - by Deborah Henson-Conant

This morning I attended Bob Collins’ Social Media Breakfast (SMB) at the Constant Contact headquarters in Waltham, MA, a 20-minute drive from my house.  But … wait … let me translate:

“This AM @RobertColins #SMB26 at @ConstantContact w/@cc_chapman  @jchernov @RachelJOConnell & @BrianBab21”

There was a panel of all-star social media players, CC Chapman, co-author of “Content Rules” (@cc_chapman), Joe Chernov of (@jchernov), Brian Babineau the Sr. VP of Digital Influence Group (@BrianBab21) and Rachel O’Connell of Constant Contact (@RachelJOConnell) … of course, Bob Collins himself (@RobertCollins).

The 3rd to speak was Joe Chernov – and his presentation was about Infographics.  Afterwards, when he asked for questions, mine was “Er … what’s an ‘Infographic’“? But I kept it to myself. I’d already learned so much in his presentation “InfoGraphics in 15 Minutes”, and tweeted so much of it, that it hardly mattered that I had no idea what the ‘thing’ was he was talking about.

Eventually I figured it out, but rather than try to explain, here’s the Wikipedia description:  “Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” (But somehow I feel I shouldn’t be using words to describe it)

As soon as someone explained it to me, this is the first infographic that came to my mind:

Human Origins Infographic

Human Origins


Likely you’ve seen this one yourself. But did you know it was an “Infographic”??? I didn’t.  And what was it before the word “infographic” was coined??

But what I loved most was that, as soon as I realized what infographics are — I realized I’VE CREATED SOME MYSELF!  At the top of this blog is the one that immediately came to mind.

I wonder what I’ll learn at the NEXT Social Media Breakfast Boston

(And the way, here’s a Planet of the Apes Cheat Sheet Infographic I accidentally stumbled on when trying to locate the one above)

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