I was blown away when I saw this video in my Facebook Feed from a brand new student to “Summer Harp Jam” I knew the program was powerful, but this post proved just how much freedom from the notes on the page that one program could give someone in a single week.

Judy joined “Summer Harp Jam” just before it started, came to the first chat and then sat down and gave it a try. When she posted her first improv, the other students cheered (and so did I!). Then I asked what had made the difference.

I have tried before with not much success, so was really excited at being able to watch what you did and copy and then that little hint about ‘starting from the third note with the right hand and to just explore’ just seemed to make a big difference.”

What if YOU could do that?

That’s what Summer Harp Jam is all about. It’s my Intro to Improv class and it’s the only improv harp program taught by a master improviser who’s recorded in styles from jazz, to meditation, to symphonic music – all with improvised music – solo and ensemble – just like the freedom in play that you want!

Summer Harp Jam Registration is open ’til Midnight Tonight. You even get a $25 “Welcome Week” discount when you join now. After that, Registration is over, the “Welcome Week” discount ends and you’ll be stuck looking at all those notes on the page.

Am I sharing Judy’s first Improv Video with You?

No … that’s part of what makes all the classes at Hip Harp Academy work. People get to share their new discoveries and explorations in the safety of a supportive and private environment.

If you’ve never taken an online harp class – or you want to know how this one, works … check out this video

Worried you don’t have time for this? 

“Summer Harp Jam” is perfect for summer because you’re NEVER behind! Each week is a brand-new jam, a brand-new improv pattern and new ways to expand your creativity and your repertoire with improvisation. PLUS you get 6 months access to all the modules AND you can download all the MP3s and PDF for your own digital library.

Got Questions?  Use my “Ask a Question” form to get the question right to me.

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