It’s like getting to be INSIDE THE HEADS of the people watching. I get to hear what they’re actually thinking like …


… when my cat casually ambles into the concert in the middle of a tune.

In the weeks since I started weekly Sunday Afternoon “Livestream from the Living Room” … I try to learn new songs, take requests, challenge myself and then totally let go. Last week I started the concert by sharing my daily warmups – because I didn’t have time to warmup before the show.

And yes – I admit it!  I LOVE reading people’s wonderful comments!

Sometimes I even read them during the show. Sometimes I even sing people’s comments out loud as part of the show.

Who wouldn’t love reading things like from the minds of their viewers??

You are soooo much fun ! So uplifting ! Love your expressions in the music and on your face. (Jane O.)

Awesome is the word! I used to play that on piano, but I don’t think I could do it on harp without panicking utterly. (Tara O.)


So beautiful – tender and exquisite with such such chromatic harmonies – an amazing experience on the lever harp!!! (Ruth S.)

You are sooo hilarious x (Priscilla K)

I love when you share the words

I love when people just pull out the words in the songs or stories that they love, like when a comment reads “Every little soul must shine shine” or “WWW=Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon” as if the comment feed were a notepad for collective consciousness.

I love when you heal my soul

I love when I find out that something I consider a serious personal flaw, things my inner critic responds to like: “Will you please, please, PLEASE just play the freakin’ song and not stop in the middle and tell everyone what’s going on in your head!”  – and then I see a comment like:

You crack me up how you play a bit, then muffle, then go on with a story, then play again, then…. LOL!”- (Alishia J.)  Alishia – you soooooo healed my soul with that one!

I love that you sing and play along

I discovered that people play and sing along with virtual concerts! I LOVE THAT! And they never have to worry about playing a wrong note, because who would hear?

Singing and trying to play along))) thank you for your amazing music) (Margarita S.)

I love that you ask me to come back

I love it when people remind me about shows I’ve loved playing, and places I haven’t been yet and let me know they want me to come back!


“Come back to Oregon….   well  when its safe…   <3“(Billy S)

“Come to Kansas!”

“Your February concert in Natick was over the top .. when and where is the next one in MA?” (Louis A)

I love when my tribe chimes in

I love hearing from my harp-tribe around the world: harpists who want to forge their own paths, tell their own stories, bring the gift of music to rare places in the world –  “Thank you for all you do for all of us harpists” (Jane Oskutis) 

I love when I know it makes a difference that I’m there

I love it when people simply tell me the concert brings them joy.


“This  is perfect for a gloomy rainy day here on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.” (Jill B)


“Yay! Oh, I think this my favorite song of yours!” –(Dana S.)


“Bravo Madame C’est magnifique. Féerie et magie.🍀😍” (Isabelle R)

I love responding to comments after the show:

MARY K: “Shirley and Mary are watching from your home state of Massachusetts. Heard you at the Springfield City Library many years ago.”

ME: Ohhhhhh, Mary – I LOVE libraries!! I just posted a song I wrote about libraries on YouTube

CLAUDIA H: Beeeeliiiiiindaaaaaaaaa♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

ANGELA E: Oh yes my favourite and worth staying up late for here in UK!

DORIS C: Belinda always one of my favorites.

ME: Me too! Here’s another cool version of the song with my local High School choir singing UNDER the tree Belinda:  Enjoy!

And I LOVE READING the beautiful things you say to me

DAYLE O: I love to watch the face of a musician who “feels” their music!!  

LAWRENCE C:Thank you for making our Sunday just perfect!

SUSAN R: Best message “It’s never too late”

ADAM Z: This is Amazing   

MARTA K: You make the harp sounds like an orchestra 😍👌

GUENTER N: Love the way you improvise –

BETTY F: just wow!!!!

BEN C: Thank for being a connector of souls through your music, Deborah!

MARGI M: It gets better every time! Your words in between songs are so touching.

CHARLOTTE S: Thanks Deborah you have been a bright shining star during these difficult times!!  

THANK YOU!!!  To everyone I spend an hour with each Sunday from my Living Room at DHC’S LIVESTREAM from the LIVING ROOM — Sundays at 4:30 EDT.

Join me this week – Sunday at 4:30 pm EDT
I LOVE it when you’re there with me!

If you haven’t come to one of these concerts read more about it here, where you can also sign up to get reminder emails.  This week I’m going to see if I can figure out how to stream on several channels at once, to make it possible for folks who eschew Facebook to still come to the concerts.  If you’re on the reminder-list I’ll send you a note on how to get to the Facebook Live and on any other channels I can figure out how to stream on!

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