Tonight's Outfit after Yesterday's Shopping Expedition

On my day off in Connecticut, my best friend, Celeste, drove down from Hartford to spend the day with me.  Aside from luxurious long conversations sitting on the tour bus or on the hotel room floor, we went clothes-shopping at the mall — aaagh — there, I admit it!

She’d offered to do exactly that and I’d declined, reminding her that I don’t like clothes-shopping.   I especially don’t like it in malls.

But that’s where we ended up. And not because she insisted.

It was completely unintentional and unexpected.  My intention was to go to the Apple Store to see if I could get a small external mic for my iPad (I couldn’t), then check out the Sprint store for a protective case for my HTC-Evo-with-Fat-Battery (nix on that, too), and maybe snare some small see-through-or-mesh bags to kit-ize my suitcase (no luck there, either).

But I was snared by the bling: rhinestone-skull-ring-bracelets, silver studded boustiers and sunglasses … and none of it frivolous.  And of course, more earplugs.

Snared by the bling ... and the earplugs

No, really!  This is currently what I wear to work every night. Earplugs included.

I didn’t really get what I was doing ‘til I found myself in a dressing-room, which only slightly muted the insanely loud rock music in the store (i.e. not nearly as loud as what I experience on stage every night), with my best friend of 30+ years, and a pile of overtly-sexual, oddly-aggressive, lingerie-inspired clothing which I was buying  for work.

Furthermore, my best friend, who is a conventional-dresser, went to modeling school in her early-50’s and gets cast as an attractive-well-put-together-mature-woman in magazine ads because of her premature-snow-white hair – was egging me on!

And I – when I wasn’t mournfully assessing my recently acquired areas of delicate new cellulite in the dressing room mirror — realized there probably aren’t a lot of people buying this particular kind of clothing who can legitimately list it as a deduction on their taxes.

But I do wonder how many are wearing it UNDER their work clothes.

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