I love when people buy tickets early to my shows — it feels like we’re planning a night out together.  So I wanted to make it really fun for people to buy early tix to my 2012 Solstice Show – Regent Theater, Arlington,MA” href=”http://bit.ly/PVcRxh” target=”_blank”>Dec. 21st Solstice show in Arlington, MA.

Because I LOVE it when people buy tickets early!!!

So here’s the thing:  Until 4 days before the show, I’m touring Europe with guitar legend Steve Vai, so the Solstice Show is a big celebration and homecoming for me.  And while I’m out touring nearly 30 countries from Finland to Italy, I collect things.

These are things you can’t just go out and find anywhere – things like backstage passes or local street-vendor toys or things I find and just know they’d be perfect for someone.  And that someone could be YOU!  

So … each week, we take the names on every ticket sold through my website and we choose one in a random ticket-picker and the winner gets to pick any prize they want from the collection below. 

Heck, if you can’t come, buy tix for your Boston-area friends — the person who buys the tickets gets entered each week.

And each week ALL the names go back in, so the sooner you get your tix, the more chances you have — and since the picker is totally random and all the names go back in each week, there’s no limit to the number of times you could win.

So get your tix now (click here) and check out the prizes below – if you’ve already bought tix, you’re already entered each week – and feel free to buy MORE tix.

I’ll be adding prizes as my tour progresses!  And as each week’s winner  picks, their prize will no longer be available (unless I have more than one of them).

All access artist pass for our Sept. 28th show at the House of Blues in Chicago (suitable for framing)

The harpiest doll ever:  Polly & her Pelectric HARP (Why “pelectric”? This doll – for reasons I can’t fathom, is related to a pelican … no, really!).  A wonderful fan sent me two of these — one for myself and one to give as a prize. (suitable for … um … really, I have no idea — but who could NOT want this??)

My favorite re-usable shopping bag from the US/Canada leg of the “Story of Light” tour. I found it at a fabulous shop in Portland, OR (suitable for shopping)


One VIP Aftershow pass from our final U.S. concert on Oct. 13 (suitable for framing)

Bee toy from Belrade, SerbiaThis Bee toy that I bought from a street-vendor in Serbia does absolutely nothing but it has so much character and personality that I immediately fell in love with it! OK — well, it can roll if you push it, and it has some little beads that flip around on the wheels. It’s about 5″ high.


Purple Scull ScarfI HAD to buy this Purple Scull Scarf when I saw it at a street-vendor’s stall in Serbia. 15 seconds after I bought it, the vendor whisked his cart into an alley-way, as did all the other vendors. I think the police were coming!  I got the scarf just in the nick of time! It’s a perfect combination of old-world charm and .. um .. sculls.  SORRY – THIS PRIZE HAS BEEN CLAIMED

All Access Pass with Deborah Henson written on itThis all-access backstage pass features half my name!  You can see it – sort of – in this image – fuzzily coming out of the bottom of Steve’s guitar.  It’s a pretty big backstage-pass (about 4.5″ x 6″) with a black cloth thingy-to-hang-it-around-your-neck.  Imagine how amazingly cool you’ll look wearing this at … oh, say, my show Dec. 21st at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA!

Berlin stoplight guys on a sack

From BERLIN — this shopping bag features  über-famous “Ampelmann” – the man on the stop-and-go walk signs on street corners in Berlin.  There are two bags in the picture so you can see the back and the front.  On the left is the “don’t walk” Ampelman and on the right, the “walk” Ampelman – but the prize is just one of the bags (because I’m keeping the other … mwaaa-haa-haa … because they’re SO COOL!).

Ampelman decal about dish washing, I thinkThis special DECAL from the Ampelmann store in BERLIN says something like “Please wash the dishes and put them away.”  I’m not sure exactly what you’d do with this decal, which looks to be about 4″ – 5″ in diameter.  Ampelman is the famous Ampel man — the guy on the Ampel’s – meaning, the guy who tells you to “walk” or “don’t walk” on the pedestrian stoplights.

No-Standing at Toilet sign featuring AmpelmannFrom BERLIN, this DECAL featuring (yet again) the famous Ampelmann!!

Before you tell me this decal is in really bad taste, let me just say that Germans are not as embarrassed as Americans by bathroom etiquette.

If you like this sort of helpful bathroom sign (as I do), then … well …you’ll really like this.  If you don’t, then please avert your eyes.  I, for one, will be putting one on my toilet seat.  It’s about 4″ – 5″ in diameter.  You can read the description above for more about the famous “Ampelman” here depicted.

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)

(Stay tuned for additional prize to go here)


You are not required to purchase a ticket to enter your name. If you’d like to enter the contest but aren’t buying tickets, send us your name, email address and phone number to Golden Cage Music, TBOW, PO Box 1039 Arlington, MA 02474. Prizes must be claimed at the CD table at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on the night of the show, 12/21/2012. Send questions to info@hipharp.com
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