We are working on a new plan because Deborah really wants your feedback – Stay tuned… (Bea – Wed. 2/13, 6:50am)

Update: This plan is not working …

…despite all the incredible help I was offered by listeners, Soundcloud makes it so confusing and time-consuming to set the privacy setting on the files (despite how ‘simple’ they say it is) that I couldn’t get this to work once I uploaded the second set of audio files.  Suddenly everyone got shut out of the files.

Thank you to everyone who offered help and gave feedback on the first set!  If I get it figured out I’ll reopen this project – I LOVED the feedback I got on the first set – it was exactly what I needed!  (DHC 4:58 PM)

Today I’m recording my Jazz Valentine (see this blog for the history of this Valentine).  This is me right now:


I need listeners to help me choose tracks for my Jazz Valentine. I’ll be posting 2-3 versions on a private Soundcloud link as I record them.


As I get through each song, today I’ll upload 2 or 3 versions and post the links below.  If you’re on the private-listening-list and only if you’re on the list – you’ll be able to access the files and hear them on line.

Tonight at 5pm I’ll make my choices, with your help, and they’ll be mixed for the Jazz Valentine album.


I need to know which version of each song do you prefer musically – meaning, which one you would prefer sit back and listen to, not for technical reasons (Jonathan will make those decisions tonight when he mixes them) – but which one moves you most emotionally?  Which version makes you dream, or want to dance, or want to sing along or just lay back and listen?

POST YOUR COMMENTS wherever it’s easiest for you of these 3:


If you’re open to helping, then send me your email address and I’ll add it to the private-listening-audience list  I’ll  check in every hour or so, as I finish a set of tracks – so it may take me a little while to add you.


THE TRACKS are here:

Jazz Valentine Test Tracks

Remember, you’ll only be able to access them if you’re on the list (see above on how to get on) and it might take me an hour or so to get you on the list (because I’m just adding folks each time I add tracks – and it takes me an hour or so to record each set).

TRACK SHEETS are here:

If you want to download the track sheet for the tunes, click here for the Track Sheet pdf.

I’ll update the track sheet to include more tunes as I add more tunes – so if you’re listening throughout the day, you’ll have to re-download the PDF to get info on the new tunes I’ve recorded.

The track sheet just outlines my own notes on the tunes and the arrangement.

TECHNICAL INFO about the tracks:

These are raw files I just recorded.  They’re not mixed – there’s no effects (reverb-etc) on them yet, and we haven’t cropped endings or beginnings.   They were recorded from direct outputs on the harp: one track of Mid/Treble and one track of Bass so that tonight, when Jonathan mixes them, he’ll be able to have a little more control over the sound than if they were just recorded on one track.  But right now they’re mono files with both tracks roughly  mixed together.


All these songs  require licensing; until we choose the specific tracks we can’t license them – and until we license them, the process has to be private and non-downloadable (see how to get on the list below).

Thank you so much for helping me with this – your ears are invaluable to me!!!

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