I’m coming to YOUR HOUSE twice this weekend!

Friday, April 5th at 8pm EDT
Saturday, April 6th at 6pm EDT
(If you don’t know what time that is where you are, the VideoHouseConcert.com website has a timezone converter.)

Click here to get tickets

These shows are  Fly-on-the-Wall, Sneak-a-Peek, DHC-Does-a-Dress-Test, Beta-Testing, Live-Streaming dress-rehearsals for my live show Sat. Apr. 13th at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, NC.

If you can come to the Live show, Apr 13 in Asheville, NC – that’s GREAT – because it’s in one of the sweetest little listening rooms in the whole USofA.  But if you’re just too far away, then, fine …  I will come right into your livingroom.

All you need is high-speed internet and a computer monitor.  There’s nothing to download.

Wanna know what you get?

GENERAL ADMISSION: $6 Gets you (and a friend, if you’d like) in to the show via your computer screen.  And in those interactive moments of the show you’ll be able to interact via real-time text chat.

VIP TIX: $12 If you choose VIP tix,  I’ll actually see you on my screen, and in those moments when I talk with the audience (as I often do!) you’ll be able to respond live, and I’ll hear you. So, while ALL ticket-buyers will see the SHOW – if you buy VIP tix, I’ll also see & hear YOU!  So it’s like we’re really in the same room together. … somewhere in the ether.

GROUP BROADCAST: $12 If you want to have a small party – the group broadcast ticket lets you ‘broadcast’ via a single computer to up to 10 people and to interact with me via real-time text chat.

Get your tickets HERE!

Read more about how it all happened (“The Recording Conundrum” blogpost), and how we came up with the name (“What would a Beta-testing Live-Streamed Dress-Rehearsal be called?” blogpost) — or  watch some of the studio video tests we’re doing below.

Video Studio Tests

I’ll be adding more videos in the coming weeks as I record them.  Here’s one of the first studio tests.  Like all my shows and albums, this one is a combination of many different kinds of music: serious, off-the-wall, and tender.

Cirque du Lune

This video is a short version of “Cirque du Lune” about the adventures of Doña Quixota – a female Don Quixote.

One thing I learned from this test was that I need to tweak the sound coming from the looper so the background loops don’t overpower the melody-playing.  That was a great improvement over Test #1, where I learned that tripping over the cables isn’t as much fun as you’d think.

Stay tuned for more videos as I get them done ….

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