40 years ago I left the place I loved to learn to be a musician.  The place was Pt. Reyes Station in Marin County and the journey brings me back to the very spot of my first performance, where I’ll give a solo show 2013 at the Pt. Reyes Dance Palace in West Marin.  Below are my memories of 1970’s Marin County, as I pack to return.

This page links to all the “Marin Memoires” BLOGS (below) and PHOTOS.

BLOGS – Marin Memoires

Link to: Finding the Dance Palace - Blog (Memories of Marin) Finding the Dance Palace – The story of how I first came to the Dance Palace, and the collective of dancers and musicians who would change my life.

Memories of Marin: When I was a PrescriptionWhen I was a Prescription – The story of how I became a prescription for chronic depression and how I learned to tolerate marigolds.

Marin Memories: The Moment I Became a MusicianThe Moment I Became a Musician – The story of the moment I realized I was a musical illiterate and would have to leave the place that gave me inspiration in order to learn how to get that inspiration down on paper.

Marin Memories: Postal CelebrityPostal Celebrity – About the day postmaster George Gallagher told me the first steps to achieving fame postage-stamp-style.

Why Hair is Curly – About my friend, Sparks, and the day he found himself trapped by an unsuspected power.

Caught in the SpellThere were things I loved that came out of loneliness.  One was the red-winged blackbirds in the fields heading to Nicasio.  Those were the loneliness of daylight.

And the other was the moon full behind Black Mountain, the loneliness of night, black against the midnight sky.

PHOTOS – from my life in ’70’s Marin

You can see them here.  


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