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  • 10-Week Online Course with Deborah Henson-Conant that runs Jan – March 2014
  • For pedal & lever harps, and, because it’s individually-customizable, it works for all levels of players
  • It’s a “pre-jazz” course – with focus on basic structure and arrangement so you can simplify complex tunes, expand ‘boring’ ones and learn the basics of how to turn a lead sheet into an extended arrangement
  • The January 2014 Course has a Celtic Focus, so students can develop a repertoire of Celtic music by St. Patrick’s Day — and it features guest coach, Marta Cook, award-winning Celtic performer and educator (Similarly: the spring course highlights Latin music for Cinco de Mayo, and the autumn course features music for the Holiday season!).


  • create impromptu arrangements of any tune you’re capable of playing
  • write out an arrangement in such a way that you can remember how it goes later, regardless of whether you read music or not
  • simplify tunes that would otherwise technically be “too hard”
  • liven up tunes that would otherwise be “too boring”
  • modulate between tunes and create medleys
  • create a basic online press kit, and get started with self-promotion


The winter 2014 course uses Celtic melodies as a focus for improv and arrangement – and features guest-coach, prize-winning Celtic harper, Marta Cook – so you can create your own Celtic repertoire by St Patrick’s day!

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Here are what some of the current students have said about the course:

“This course has been absolutely wonderful!  The content is well planned, not overwhelming and very rich! You have given structure to my noodling (along with accountability.)” Stephanie Evans (California)

“You are changing my style, making it more interesting and hopefully more beautiful for the listener, for sure it’s much more interesting for me now to play my regular job of three – four sets 🙂 thank you!”  Lidia Stankulova (Dubai)

” I absolutely love the way you have crafted a method  ….  to allow the unique musical wants, needs, style and spiritual talents to shine on an individual level!  Karla Williams (Maryland)

“I was excited [to sign up for the course], but I was also worried: worried that I may not be a good enough musician to benefit from the course, worried that my harp technique would be too basic, worried that the course may not cover what I really wanted to know about arranging for the harp.   I needn’t have worried. Your course was quite simply the best harping experience I have ever had.”  Kevin Roddy (Havaii)

“It has become the starting point I wish I had had when I first started learning the harp, and at the same time, I know that as I grow as a harpist and musician, these same concepts will continue to be central to everything I do.   It was the single most important musical course I have ever done in years of learning harp, and I would recommend it to anyone at any musical level.”  Blyth Tate (Australia)


Here’s the course info page:

Here are the Q&A’s:

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