Ready to Lose Your January Blues?

This Saturday, January 11th, I’m playing my annual “Lose lose-blues-3-waysYour Blues” concert at TCAN (The Center for Arts in Natick, MA).

(PSST! Can’t make it to the LIVE concert? Read on because I have a very special announcement at the end of this blog post!)

When I planned the date, I asked myself, “When do people need to see a show?” And the answer popped right up: the bleak weeks of January!  The weekend that’s NOT a holiday!  Saturday January 11th. You might even say that it’s un-special.  And I want to celebrate that with some very special music.

How Do You Think Of The Blues?

People always ask me to play more blues, and that’s great because I’m fascinated with the Blues in every way. Most people think of Blues as a style of music. They know what the style of blues sounds like – you know, “Bluesy” — and their ear is expecting to hear something specific.

But, because I’m a composer, I think about the underlying ‘structure’ – the unusual 12-bar form of the blues. By deconstructing the Blues, I can reconstruct it in new ways.

So as I developed the show, I asked myself questions like, “What would Latin blues sound like? How would it sound if Claude Debussy used 12-bar Blues with impressionistic harmony?”

I strongly believe that structure is the foundation for creative freedom. I look at the 12-bar structure and wonder, “What if you take this thing out of its element, its stylistic clothing? How much of it remains?”

You might not think that Pablo Picasso has much to do with Blues, but when I’m deconstructing the blues I’m inspired by him. When I look at his sketchbooks – which I love, I imagine that he was asking, “How much can you abstract something and have it still give the experience of itself? And what happens to that experience when you abstract it? How does it open a door to an even deeper truth through abstraction?”

These questions and explorations are very profound to me, and this weekend I’m hoping to open a door to storytelling, humor and insight into what it means to be human through music.

You’ll see on Saturday at ‘TCAN’ in the Boston-Area that all the music will feel familiar, structurally, but it might not necessarily sound like what you think of as “the blues.”

Buy Your Tickets Now (as of this writing there were only about 30 left)

Can’t Make It Live? Wanna be a Fly-on-the-Wall?

Now here’s something that I find very exciting. If you can’t be in the Boston area this weekend, you can still watch the concert live … from your home!  Like a “fly on the wall.”

Concert Windows – a wonderful new Boston-area media-startup has set up a static camera in the theater which lets you to watch the show LIVE from your living room – at the same time as everyone in the audience: Saturday, January 11th at 8 pm EST.

Check out Concert Windows and buy your “Pay What You Want” tix HERE

Even More Intimate – “DHC-TV” Interactive

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.00.07 AM 11

And finally, if you want an even more up-close-and-personal experience, I’m performing a very special and intimate “DHC-TV” LapTop Mini-Concert from my studio on SUNDAY Jan. 12th at 4:30 pm EST. This is a whole new way of sharing a show – live from my own studio where we can chat via screenchat and you can even make requests.

I love these LapTop Shows because they allow let me actually play with the camera and give you unusual views of the harp and a more personal experience of the music.  You can see some scenes from last week’s Laptop Show in this blog.

Let’s celebrate this un-Holiday weekend with Blues – live, and in some very new ways that ConcertWindow is making possible!

Please share this link with friends who love unusual musical experience or want to hear Blues Harp … played on a 32-string electric harp!  I hope I see you at one of these three shows this weekend!

And I would LOVE to know about your experience!  Did you see the show live and then watch the LapTop show?  Did you watch the “Fly-on-the-Wall” Lose-Your-Blues show via Concert Windows on Saturday night … and then then Live-in-Studio interactive show on Sunday?

What was the difference?  What insights and experience did you get from one that you hadn’t noticed in another?  Please share your experiences in the comments below! I’m not really interested in what’s ‘better’ or ‘worse’ – but what’s most interesting about each?

And I hope I see you at the show(s)!!


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