Each week in my online course,  “Hip Harp Toolkit, I hold a live online Q&A to answer student questions – and each week, harpist Hartmut Engel segments the chat and posts it so students can review it.

I asked Hartmut to select one short segment he found illuminating, and it’s below with his comments

Here’s what I’d love to know from you:

Is this kind of short video interesting or useful when taken out of context — and, if so what’s interesting? And is the video/audio quality so distracting that it’s not useful content – or is the technical quality irrelevant?

Please let me know in the comments below, and that might inspire me to post more of them (or less … depending on what you say!)  Thanks!

Hartmut sez:

In this 3.5 minute video, DHC demonstrates how to transition from ‘playing-a-Bassline’ to ‘playing-a-Vamp’ OR: How to transition from doing ONE THING with your left hand to doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

To find the “magic” of this technique listen for the key words “End of a Phrase”, “Conclusion” and “the Pivot Note.”

She’s responding to two similar questions sent in by two different students.

p.s.  Did you see me staring blankly two inches to the left of the screen at the end of the video? I’m reading new student questions that are coming in via the chat window.

p.p.s. Ignore the video/audio quality – it’s just a screencapture of a live video-meeting – and ignore the … um … maddening number of times I … um … said ‘um’!!



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