For the past 3 weeks, 30 harpists around the world  helped me hone my “Baroque Flamenco” Bootcamp online course so YOU can learn this piece and play with fire!

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“Baroque Flamenco Bootcamp” is a 3-week online intensive.  After just the first few lessons, you’ll already be playing the ‘bones’ of the piece – and from there you’ll add the flesh, the feathers and the  passion to make the piece fly – any whatever level you play.

It’s a big piece.  But you can start from very small. Because that’s how I created it.

This piece started as a simple improvisation on a classic melody from a beginners book – and grew with me over many decades ’til it became the powerhouse that harpists all over the world are adding to their repertoires and audiences are applauding in standing ovations.

It’s a featured concerto at the 2014 American Harp Convention in New Orleans AND a featured masterclass and Chamber Ensemble work at the 2014 World Harp Congress in Australia.

But it can be played at any level – from Advanced Beginner to Professional. 

And that’s what I teach you to do in this course – to play it at YOUR level.

The Bootcamp is ‘officially’ split into three levels: Fledgling (Adv. Beginner), Intermediate & Advanced – But everyone gets access to all the lessons.  So you can shift back and forth from level to level and take the parts from each that work best for you.

Got your creative checklist?

I’ve discovered that structure gives me creative freedom, so I make checklists for myself for everything  I do — and  I did the same for you in this course. In each module you get a checklist of exactly what to do so you can focus on just what you need to do to play the tune now, at your level, with the skills you have right now.
Go ahead … ask!I’ve always been the kid in the class with so many questions the teacher finally asks me to put a lid on it.  But questions are what bring any learning alive! So we have 3 weekly online chats to let you ask whatever questions you want – the ‘dumber’ the questions, the better, in by book – because it’s the ‘stupid’ questions that really get us to the heart of things.

Ready  – Set – Go at your own Pace!

The course goes pretty fast – but YOU can go at your own pace and  review all the online materials for at least  3 months after the course is over , plus download the worksheets, checklist and audiofiles so you can do what I do, and listen to them on your ipad while you’re exercising, or cleaning house, or eating bonbons (wait! where are my bonbons??)

Are you ready to play with fire?

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As soon as you do, you get immediate access to a huge online reference section that includes a series of warmups to prepare you to learn the piece (and keep you in shape after you have learned it!),  a video walkthrough of every playing technique in the piece, and a video history of the piece (people say they love watching this!).

Then let’s go play with all the fire that’s in us!

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