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ConcertWindow-Marathon-Laptop-concert-header2-moreinfoI’m playing the Marathon in Boston to raise money for Parkinson’s Research wearing my electric harp.  Here’s the deal:

My husband, Jonathan Wyner, and I are partnering with the Michael J Fox foundation’s “Team Fox,” and ConcertWindow.com to raise money for Parkinson’s research in two different Marathon performances.


Jonathan is running the Boston Marathon – that’s his performance.  I’m performing a 5.5 hour Marathon Music Livestream concert. That’s mine.  All the money from both events will go to the same “Team Fox” fund.

Here’s Where You Come In

Donate to Jonathan’s fund here: http://www2.michaeljfox.org/goto/Lila

Donate via my Marathon Music Livestream concert by buying a ticket to the show or set a reminder here: http://bit.ly/MarathonMusicTix

Here’s how it works: Buy a ticket for whatever price you want – from $1 on up – (and really, it’s fine for you to support in whatever way you can).  Thanks to ConcertWindow.com 100% of that money will go directly to the Team Fox research fund.

If you drop in on the Livestream on Marathon Monday (Mon. Apr. 21, 2014)  – for five minute or five-and-a-half-hours – then you’ll have a chance to add money to the tip jar at the online concert site – or just enjoy the concert.

Why a 5.5-hour performance?

I figured that 5.5. hours is how long it would take me to run the Marathon at my speed.

Why start at 9:30 AM EDT??

I wanted to end at about the same time Jonathan does (around 3pm EDT) and be able to track his progress during my Marathon performance.  So that’s how we came up with the 9:30 AM EDT start-time.  Plus, that means that my friends in Europe finally have some easy-to-watch times!

Why is this so important to us?

Parkinson’s is a debilitating disease. Jonathan’s mother, Lila, is battling it, as is another beloved friend of ours – and it’s important to us to join that battle with them.  We wanted to find ways we could bring ourselves and our passions into that challenge on a very physical level.


Will you be drinking gatorade: Yes! (Or my own homemade equivalent)

Will you be wearing running shoes?  Hmmm…. good idea.

Will you be wearing trackshorts? Yikes!  I hope not!!  (But let me think about that)

Will you have bathroom breaks? Yes!  And so can you!

Will you get to cross a finish line? Good idea. Will see if I can do it while playing the theme from that running movie … what was that theme?  What was that movie??

I made up these questions myself – because I really wanted to know the answers!  I’d LOVE to hear your questions below.

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