I’m a guest on a new ‘telesummit’ for creative entrepreneurs!


So … um … What’s a Telesummit??

It’s a 8 & 9) where twelve creative online business owners, including ME, share secrets we’ve learned to enjoy success in our businesses.  The point? To learn from OUR mistakes so you can leap forward with your business!

You don’t have a business? You’re welcome to listen to it anyway, especially if you’re an artist. This is what I’m talking about in my interview:

Harness Your Muse (Redefine Who’s Riding Whom)

  • From “A” to “The”: There came a point in my career when I wasn’t satisfied to be “a” good harp player, or even “a” jazz harp player – but I wanted to be “the” one-and-only me. I talk about how I did that – what steps I took.
  • The Truth of Innovation: That process took me many teachers – none who played my instrument – all of whom helped me liberate myself – first from my preconceptions of what the instrument was and then from its physical and musical/theatrical limitations.
  • Helping Others Make the Shift: Now I help others make that shift by quickly and consciously putting them through the process that I painstakingly stumbled through. That’s what my “Harness Your Muse” mentorship is all about.

How Does the Telesummit Work?

  • When you register for the telesummit, you’ll get a link each day to all the interviews from that day.
  • Each interview is an audio file about 45-60 minutes long.
  • You can listen to each one by clicking the “Listen Now” button below each interview description – and you can listen to as many or as few as you want
  • My interview is included on “Day 1” so as soon as you register you ‘should’ get access to my interview
  • Each day in the 3 days you get access to a new set of interviews.
  • After the 3 days, I’m pretty sure you’ll have access to all the 12 interviews and be able to listen to them at your own pace (I sure hope so, because there’s no way I could listen to them all in a 3-day period!)
  • By registering you’ll also be registering for a free subscription to the hosts’s weekly ezine with tips about blogging.  I enjoy getting her ezine, but if you don’t, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Who is the Telesummit For?

I think this particular telesummit in geared towards creative entrepreneurs – and my personal interview is about my own journey from “a” harpist to “the” me, and a little bit about my “Harness Your Muse” mentorship. So if you’re a musician, a performer, a creative entrepreneur, a curious fan, or all of the above, I think you will enjoy this event. AND, it’s free, so what’s not to like?

About the Telesummit creator, Allison Volk:

volk-allisonThe creator of this telesummit is Allison Volk, an actor & playwright who helps creative entrepreneurs find their blogging voice and also ghostwrites blogs by interviewing creatives about their work and writing blogs in their voices (clever use of playwriting skills, eh?) – AND –  she also plays the harp!  (secretly … but pretty darn well!!)  Read more about her here.

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