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Online at Hip Harp AcademySpring 2017

Blues HarpStyle! 6 week course for Harp Players


Do you long to liberate yourself from written music?
Are you frustrated as a “paper trained” musician …
always stuck to the page?
Do you wish you could just sit down and PLAY …
by yourself and with others?
I created “Blues HarpStyle” for YOU.

“BLUES: Harp-Style” is my 6-Week online course for harp players that it gives you the secrets to playing one of the world’s most fun, useful and expressive musical forms: the 12-Bar Blues, no matter your skill level.

Register by April 27th to get $100 OFF!

Blues Harp-Style” is the Spring Course of Hip Harp Academy. Register for the FULL year-long Hip Harp Academy for access to ALL my online courses for harp players, or,  join me for THIS foundational 6-Week course – including online trainings, Live online Q&A chats, and post-course review.

  • WHAT: Blues HarpStyle! 6 week online course
  • WHERE: Online at Hip Harp Academy
  • WHEN: Register NOW! Course starts May 2nd

Norfolk, VA • Fri. May 26, 2017

Virginia Arts Festival Fringe



Danville, CA (San Fran Area) • May 28-29, 2017

International Harp Festival (IHF)
Sun. May 28 – Concert
Mon. May 29 – Full-day Immersion Workshop


The 2017 International Harp Festival (IHF) will once again be held at the beautiful San Damiano Retreat Center  with the mission to educate, inspire, and connect harpists from around the globe.

Deborah will be performing LIVE ON STAGE on Sunday, May 28th AT 7:30PM.

On Monday the 29th, Memorial Day, DHC will offer her all-day “Strings of Passion LIVE!” In this full-day, hands on “Strings of Passion” workshop you’ll learn to engage the 7 Strings of Passion that take you from creative impulse to creative expression – with activities that release your own creative impulses and show you how to harness them into your own unique creative expression.

Your playing will become richer, your ability to connect to your instrument and your audience will expand and you’ll experience your own creative resonance expand each time you connect your inner and outer strings.  

  • WHAT: International Harp Festival (IHF)
  • WHERE: San Damiano Retreat Center, 710 Highland Drive, Danville, CA
  • WHEN:  May 28th at 7:30PM: Concert, May 29th all-day: “Strings of Passion LIVE”

Hong KongWed. July 12, 2017

Closing Concert at 13th World Harp Congress


This year, for the first time ever, World Harp Congress  is in Asia! ‘A Harp Journey from West to East’  is being held in Hong Kong.

Deborah Henson-Conant is performing the closing concert on July 12th! 

The strong support from harpists and musicians, from Asia & China, AND masters from all over the world, will make this event a truly multi-national sensation! Click the info & registration link below to learn more!


  • WHAT:  Deborah Henson-Conant in the Closing Concert of the 13th World Harp Congress
  • WHERE:  Hong Kong
  • WHEN: Wed. July 12 at 7:30PM

Hong Kong • Fri. July 14, 2017

Music Festival Airport



Parsippany, NJ • Sun. July 23, 2017

Full-day Workshop at Somerset Folk Harp Festival


Add-on to your festival weekend with the 2017 Improv Expansion with Deborah Henson-Conant! Broaden Your Improv Horizons with DHC’s new ‘Improv Expansion’ All-Day Sunday program.

Deborah gets rave reviews for her All-Day Sunday sessions at Somerset. This year, Somerset is collaborating with Deborah Henson-Conant to bring another brand new full-day improvisation experience to the festival.

Set your sights and reach new heights by exploring how to open up pieces you already know and love. Tap your creative potential and augment what’s already in your musical toolbox!

Online – Worldwide
Deborah Henson-Conant’s
Hip Harp Academy


My new “Hip Harp Academy” is all about teaching you how to express yourSELF with your instrument at the technical ability you have right now, this very minute – and the Full membership level gives you access to all the online courses I’ve created in the past four years.

Do you want a sneak peek first? Then sign up for this free training: “HaRpy Birthday” and get a glimpse of the academy!

harpybirthday-opt-in_v1dhcIncludes a PDF Playsheet and 20-minute video training that shows you how to create a fabulous intro, a snazzy ending,  how to get people started singing – and how to accompany them when they do.

PLUS three Bonus sections in how to adapt the song for therapeutic situations, how to create a simple improv on it (and why you might want to do that) –  AND creative opportunities to play the song when nobody’s having a birthday!

Get the FREE “HaRpy Birthday” mini-training NOW!


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