First of all – THANK YOU  to everyone who signed up for “Take off the Handcuffs” last Sunday – nearly 250 people! 

It’s the warmup webinar for my 10-Week Hip Harp Toolkit course that opens TODAY so I was thrilled!!!  THRILLED, I tell you – that so many people signed up for the webinar!


Until my computer completely crashed an hour before the webinar – apparently an incredibly unusual double-RAM failure. You can read about it here (and see the RAM chips … and the potato chips)

Many people sent kind notes, both to me and my computer.  THANK YOU for those!!!!

So now … MY job as an improvising artist is to take that crash and create something MORE wonderful than what would have happened without it.   It’s part of embracing what is and playing WITH whatever happens even if it seems like a ‘bad’ thing at the time.

So … Here goes …


I created TWO live reschedule dates in the hopes at least one will work for the people who signed up for last Sunday’s cancelled webinar.  If you aren’t one of the 250 people who already signed up use this link to sign up for free for the webinar (and if you can’t remember whether you signed up or not, go ahead and sign up again — you won’t get added twice)

1. THURSDAY: Sept. 24 at 8:30 pm EDT  (7:30 CT / 6:30 MT / 5:30 PDT)

2. SATURDAY 9/26/15: 4:30 PM EDT  (3:30 CT / 2:30 MT / 1:30 PT)

You’ll get reminders and replays for both – in fact, you’ll probably get several emails from me this week because “Hip Harp Toolkit” is opening and registration ends soon – so enjoy the emails – I try to make them fun!



To add even more value to my upcoming course, I added a HUGE bonus upgrade to “Hip Harp Toolkit” (did I mention it’s my 10-week course that begins TODAY — where you learn to create your own improvised arrangements? I LOVE this course and I hope you join me in it!).

What’s that BONUS, you ask? It’s my “Hands on Harmony” course – a full day virtual retreat (with a link to watch the replays at your own pace, of course) — and it’s a wonderful companion course for “Hip Harp Toolkit.”

So now when you sign up for “Hip Harp Toolkit” you ALSO get “Hands on Harmony”.  Read more and register atHip Harp Toolkit” 


I created a special “CRASH” discount to get $75 off Hip Harp Toolkit! You can use this code:

  • CODE: “CRASH” (all caps) gets you $75 off the full 10-week “Hip Harp Toolkit”
  • DEADLINE: Midnight Saturday Sept. 25th
  • WHERE: Sign up here and get right into the classroom


So whataya think?   Are we making lemons with the lemonade of this crash yet?  I hope so!  And I hope you’ll join me for BOTH the rescheduled webinar AND the full “Hip Harp Toolkit” course that OPENS TODAY!

Got questions about any of this?  Just use my Ask a Question form to get a question right to me!

So now all YOU have to do is go register for Hip Harp Toolkit, use the code CRASH (all caps) (before Midnight Sat. Sept. 26) and join me to take off YOUR creative handcuffs and start playing YOUR heart out!


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