WOW Weekend Headquarters

WOW Weekend Headquarters

I’m calling this my WOW Weekend because I’m having soooo much fun just CREATING things to share on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Weekend in Between. So this is WOW WEEKEND HEADQUARTERS!  The  ONE place everyone can check for updates. So REFRESH THIS PAGE when you...
The LAST Sale (and Signings!)

The LAST Sale (and Signings!)

For years my lovely assistant, Beatriz, has come to the office every week where she’s filled CD orders literally out of the office kitchen in the old house where our office lives … … and when people asked me to sign CDs or sheet music, here’s...

Super-Secret MP3 Widget

Hi! This is Bea, Deborah’s Assistant, checking in from a remote undisclosed location where I am (or will be!) watching Deborah’s Fly-on-the-Wall, Sneak-a-Peek, LIVE-STREAM Dress-Rehearsals  as she prepares for her upcoming show at the beautiful Altamont...

Are you a Harp Player?

Learn to play this piece with the composer in
"Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page"
3 Levels: Fledgeling, Intermediate & Advanced - 

Music! It's all about CONNECTION .... not PERFECTION!