How To Giftwrap A CD
in One Piece of Letter-Size Pape

PLUS! Printable “Santa Bags the Harp Lady” Giftwrap
you can print out and use!

Enjoy this VINTAGE POST from my old blog.  I don’t even remember when we first published this post, but it was back when we used to sell CDs out of my kitchen, and went to the post office 4 or 5 times a week to send them off to the people who ordered by mail.

What’s really fun about this post – aside from the fact that I actually took the pictures with a camera (remember those?) and not my phone — and that they’re almost all black-and-white — is that we still have the giftwrap I made back then and you can still download it, use it to wrap CD-shaped things (or anything, really) and you can STILL color it in!  It’s like a Model T Ford that still runs.   Enjoy!

I’ve been making my own gift-wrap since I was a kid. This year I decided to take one of the great drawings artist Ellen Lebow made for me and turn it into giftwrap for everyone to use. A pdf version is available at left.

According to our Gift-Wrap Lab tests, you can click on the drawing at the right, which opens a PDF file of the Giftwrap. Print the giftwrap on your printer (laser printer works best, at least in our office) and – Voila! You’ve got specialized wrapping paper, which even includes a place to sign your name and say who the gift is for!

But … the big trick is … how to actually wrap a CD in that single piece of paper! Scroll down for my step-by-step tutorial, tested right here in the DHC Gift-Wrap Labs.

So now, when you buy CDs (or anything else that’s square and about the same size) – you can giftwrap them with special “Harp Lady in Santa Sack” Paper!

1. Print & Color in the Giftwrap

Click on the picture below to view and download a pdf version of the giftwrap that you can print on your printer – or just click here:  Giftwrap Download #1: Santa Bags the Harp Lady

2. Scroll Down for my Step-by-Step Guide
to Wrapping CDs in ONE piece of Letter-Size paper!

Yowza! No wasted paper, no scissors, just a coooool design!
And you can even color it in if you want!

1.Place CD askew on page as shown below.

3. Tape the two sides you folded over

5. Fold over the final side and tape

2. Fold over the two sides as shown below

4. Fold over the 3rd side and tape

6. Turn the package over and sign it


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