My new Mythical Musical Comedy "The Golden Cage" 
New York City •  April 20-24!

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What do they keep in … and what do they keep out?

The thing about cages is that they can be locked.
Whether you’re inside or outside, you’re still isolated from the other side.

My new musical, “The Golden Cage,” which runs April 20-24 in NYC is about such a cage.  When I first conceived it at 19, I was simply asking the question: will I have a life of freedom or a life of security – and what might that look like?

Since my language is stories with music, my imagination built a laboratory of musical theater.

“Boris” became the character of ultimate freedom, a mythical, whimsical Birdman — and security turned into “Alphea,” a reclusive Diva, living in a remote and cozy golden cage.

One was inside. One was outside. Which is better?

The answer took years to appear. And it came in the final song.

“You build your cage from dreams that died” Alphea sings, “You forge the bars from every pain and sorrow you have known…

And in your cage you are alone.

“The quest, the flight” Boris sings about his life, “the taste of glory that you doubt you’ll ever find — and all the time you’re aching for a trust you fear you’ll never know. You’re torn. You’re tossed…

Outside the cage you’re lost.

What I discovered is what I forgot to ask: will I have a life of isolation or connection?

What I learned is either freedom or security by yourself is isolation – neither has any value without human connection — and for that, the cage needs to be unlocked.

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Come see the show "The Golden Cage"

April 20-24 at Theatre Row's "Theatre Four" in NYC

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